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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Instead of watching TV, we might...

It occurs to me that some people think it's INSANE when our little kids have no idea who iCarly is. On any given day, instead of watching TV...we might try on four different hats before choosing one...to wear to BED!

We might put a little kid up in a tree, and take a picture really quick before he realizes it's a tiny bit dangerous.

We might load 8 happy kids into our huge van and make a Happy Hour run to SONIC. Sonic makes our Wednesdays! Rowen is SO proud to have his own slush!! I wish my sister was my next door neighbor just about every day. I love her kids!

We might find a stash of candy canes from 14 weeks ago...and eat one just for fun. It IS Spring Break after all...let's just go nuts!

Last night as we were cleaning up dinner dishes, we overheard the Kindergartner teaching the three-year-old how to count by 10's. "Ten, Twenty, Firty, Forty, Fifty, Sixty, Sebenty... " I said "see, this is what kids do when they don't watch TV!".

I love a good dose of trashy TV here and there, and I do let my kids watch movies when they're sick or if we've been held hostage indoors for days on end due to crazy Nebraska weather! But, I love that the majority of the time they play and talk and FIGHT with each other. I feel like they're learning how to navigate relationships, and they're forced to entertain themselves and develop longer attention spans. They're teaching themselves how to READ...and you can't do that when you're watching Hannah Montana! ;)

I do worry though. Am I raising a bunch of clueless nerds who have no chance at being remotely popular in school? Will they be able to join in conversations about the one-hit wonders back in the 2010's when they're in their 30's???

Do we need a little balance? Probably. It's a tricky thing, that balance. Maybe we should fire up the ol' boob tube and try to find some Jonas Brothers or something.

We just might!


Dave Rowe said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the pic of everyone holding up the Sonic cups...that is _hilarious_! You should get an endorsement deal or something out of it.