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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eve

I'm laughing as I title this post, because it's officially April 3 (midnight, on the DOT) and my oldest child has been talking about Easter Eve ALL DANG DAY. She love love love love loves holidays. Like, even the holidays that no one else celebrates (Earth Day? She's been looking forward to it for a month. It's on her calendar, April 22, which is also "Take Your Child To Work Day"...which is also on her calendar and will be celebrated!) Anyway...she loves holidays so much, that she makes them bigger than they already are. Easter, for instance-already a big holiday! But, she must celebrate it all week, declaring Eves upon Eves...Easter Eve Eve, and I'm not kidding!

In truth, I've been looking forward to this weekend for a while now myself. I felt like a mini vacation began THURSDAY morning this week. I took the kids to a birthday party in the morning, and then headed to work for the afternoon (which is a four hour vacation for me!). Then made a quick dinner, and headed out on the town with my two little ladies. We shopped for food for our Easter meal with my husband's family, Easter outfits for five kids (including new shoes for all), and the supplies to make an incredible birthday pull-apart cake! Hopefully when we're done it will look like this:

Minus the "Jaeden is 2" part! I just hope it looks similar, and I remember to put my own kids' names on it! :) This made for a very fun THURSDAY!

FRIDAY (Easter Eve Eve) I took six kids to the Children's Museum for the morning...

then came home just in time for my sister to drop off her 3 boys (so that's 9 kids total if you're keeping track!). Fed everyone (minus the baby),

laid most of them down for naps, and then hung out with my sister for the rest of the afternoon. She brought me some crazy good chicken nachos, which only intensified my delusion of being on a mini vacation this weekend! I love hanging out with her, and love it that she lets me watch her kids sometimes.

This evening I dyed Easter eggs with my little kids,

read books, painted 1 face (because she asked, and I couldn't say no, which is pretty rare for me!) and put kids to bed.

This leads us up to NOW...when I should be making the cupcakes to have ready to decorate tomorrow night. I should also be making the food for Sunday's dinner, because I won't have time tomorrow (SATURDAY)...

Tomorrow morning we are helping distribute food with Jacob's Well. My oldest (the one with the thing for holidays!) has a thing for anything in need. Her heart is so big and pure, and she wants to give everything she owns (and everything I own) to anyone she feels has less. I love this gift that she has, and want to make sure she has the opportunity to give in a practical way.

After that, we're headed out of town for my nephew's FIRST birthday party (sort of vacationish...might pack a few snacks for the 45 minute drive, just for fun!). I'm sure there ewill be pictures posted on his mom's blog ;)

We'll be back for church Saturday evening, with everyone dressed in their new outfits! Hopefully Saturday night I will find the energy to get all my food ready for Sunday, including that CAKE!

The cake is for my two littlest boys,

who are both turning 2 next week. We are celebrating early with my husband's family, since they're in town for Easter already. BIG SIGH for babies turning 2...

It's going to be fun and I've been looking forward to all of it for a long time...

So why am I sitting here...when I should be getting stuff done?!! Because I'm on a mini vacation, duh!


Stefanie said... Best Blogger Tips

So thrilled that Ryleigh loves Easter Eve Eve as much as her Auntie Stefanie. Your blog looks incredible.