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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Boys!

It's impossible for me to comprehend how fast two years have gone. These little babies grew up in the blink of an eye!

Two years ago today I never would have dreamed I'd be so in love with these little boys. God knew exactly what he was doing when he added them to our family. I never imagined I'd love having a gigantic family, driving a huge van, wearing a mother's necklace with FIVE birthstones on it... God's timing is so hard to figure out sometimes, especially when you're in the thick of it. But, looking back, it wouldn't have worked any other way. Someone said to me right after the boys were born "sometimes God holds us so close it covers our eyes". It summed up how I felt completely. I couldn't see the how or why, and it was really hard to trust and keep moving, knowing I wasn't in control.

Rowen and Maeson are BEST friends and it has been so amazing to see them grow into toddlers together. I am reminded when I watch them how God intends for us to love each other. Without hesitation, with no knowledge of the past, they just love. There's no "half" in their relationship, they are simply, fully, wholeheartedly, brothers.

The joy we experience when we celebrate birthdays and holidays (and everydays!) with our little "Rooster" also serves as a reminder of why we choose to stay a family. No matter how hard it gets, or how easy it would seem to just give it all up, we don't want to miss 2nd birthdays, or first anythings. We will work to keep our family together harder than anyone I know because the alternative is missing half of everything. I probably would have gone another 20 years taking that for granted if it wasn't for Maeson.

We will celebrate hard when he's here, and absolutely cherish the moments we have together with our other kids when he's not. We will be the type of parents who share everything, work together, and look back as a couple completely satisfied and in love. Our kids will know what Grace means, and will see forgiveness lived out daily. It's not a perfect life, it's not always fair, we hurt each other, and we're selfish by nature. But we will always remember where we were before we were blessed with our little boys, and praise God for every moment since.

Happy Birthday Little Boys!!


Stefanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I feel tremendously blessed to have watched you chose to love your family. I have learned so much about being a mom and wife from you. I might say that in my Mother's Day sermon, and I might out your blog on mine. It's too good to keep quiet!