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Monday, April 12, 2010

Must be a Monday

I was inspired to shave my legs over the weekend, after Rowen sat on my lap and said my legs were "ouchie". Uh??? Mitch thought it was hysterical and egged him on...Real nice.

So, I get up at 6:30 this morning, in an attempt to spend more than 4 minutes in the shower. The instant the water turns on, I hear "mama?"...Maeson is up. So what? He can hang out in the bathroom for like, what? 12 minutes? Then I hear "May-ton. Mommy", now Rowen's up too. Seriously boys? Whatever. "Close the door Rowen, you guys be quiet while Mommy's in the shower." I am about to bribe them with promises of chocolate and gum. I'm half-way done. "Hey, Mom" in an old man voice...RUGGER! Perfect!! "Can you take the boys to the living room and read books with them? I'm almost done."



"What? Uh, why does Rowen have your underwear out??"

I look out-sure enough, Rowen has the frilliest pair of panties I own. "Mama. Booties. Mama. Here. Booties." Imagine a robot speaking, this is what it sounds like.

I'm wearing them.

I got dried off and dressed, and then heard shrieking from the girls' room. Maeson is now in Reise's bed, where evidently Ryleigh slept as well?? He's wedged himself in the middle of them, which they think is hilarious. Until they realize his diaper is soaked, and leaking ALL OVER them. Reise declared the entire thing "disgusting", and I couldn't argue with her.

Ryleigh convinced me to let her eat two yogurts, because she "didn't plan on drinking much milk today." Well, Ok then.

Rugger drew me this picture, which is me and him. There are our hearts, and the little dots around the hearts are germs. "You know, everyone has germs inside their body."

I have to make laundry detergent today, because I am completely OUT. The only reason I ever decide it's a good idea to haul the kids to the store, is when it's totally necessary. We can't go more than 24 hours without laundry detergent. I won't have time to go to the store without kids for another day..so, totally necessary.

The headphones completely crack me up.

And, we were home by 9am, ready to "start" the day ;) Happy Monday!


Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Must have gone to Hy-Vee??? I recognize those miniature shopping carts. :)