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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Week of Firsts

First really HOT day of 2010!

 We got our sprinkler out for the first time this week, complete with four neighborhood kids and a box full of frozen popice!  We are so looking forward to summer with it's relaxed, less-scheduled, endless days.  I love having my kitchen door open to the back yard and letting the kids run in and out all day.  I don't love the muddy kitchen floor and mountains of swim suits and towels in my laundry baskets :)  Grilling out, popsicles for afternoon snack on the deck, water balloons, super soakers, and dirty, hot, exhausted kids at the end of the day...some of my favorite things ever!  I'm looking forward to baseball games, fireworks, trips to Omaha to swim at my parents' country club pool, staying up late, and sleeping in.  Having a kid in school has really made me appreciate and anticipate days OFF, and 10 weeks of days off sounds simply dreamy!

First Lost Tooth!

Ryleigh finally lost the tooth that's been hanging on for dear life since St. Patty's Day when she first discovered it was loose.  She has been hemming and hawing about it for a month, pushing on it here and there, talking about it constantly, and waiting (sort of) patiently.  I think she's probably one of the last kids in her class to lose a tooth, and she's the oldest :)  She wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy: "Dear Tooth Fairy, I am not gonna be able to sleep. It's my 1st tooth I've lost....".  She woke up to a dollar in her little cup and the tooth was gone, just like she expected.  So fun!!  Rugger was very excited for her, and a little jealous, and spent the next day pushing as hard as he could on his front teeth-just hoping! 

First Kindergarten Program!
 Our first girl's first school program was this week, so sweet!  I love her teacher, Mr. Wiedeman (on the left).  This is his second year teaching, and he lacks the experience that a 20-year veteran would have.  He admitted to us during parent-teacher conferences that he's still trying to figure out how to challenge her in class.  But, what he lacks in experience he sure makes up for in energy!  Ryleigh talks about him singing in class and using his "I Feel Good" button (when he pushes it he bursts into song and dancing).  She's also adopted some of his phrases such as "Um...I don't think so, Tim", which is incredibly random and sounds hilarious.  We are going to request him as Rugger's teacher this fall.  While I'm not thrilled about the fact that Mr. Wiedeman is still learning how to teach, I absolutely LOVE the fact that his classroom is lively and inviting, and the kids are having fun.  I think it's a great way to get started in school.      Dear Ryleigh, I love that you love school, your friends, and your teachers.  It is still so hard for me to send you off to hang out with other people all day, but it would be purely selfish for me to keep you to myself.  It makes me proud to hear your teachers talk about how compassionate and kind you are to others, and how you have an integrity about you that's beyond your years.  You were born with a desire to serve God and to help others, and I can't wait to see the big things you'll do!

First Major Hairstyle for Reise!


Reise has always had long, stick-straight, beautiful hair (in our opinion).  We've trimmed it several times, a couple inches off the bottom, but have always (always, meaning for the 3 years that she's had hair!) kept it long.  She loves dressing up, being girly, accessorizing, etc.  She HATES having her hair brushed, combed, fixed, washed...get the picture??  She screams as if someone is trying to cut off her arm with a dull butter knife.  Finally, Tuesday morning after a routine session of her screaming, crying and thrashing around while I cursed under my breath and sweat profusely, she tearfully asked if we could just cut it all off.  In my moment of pure exhaustion I agreed...and then spent two days trying to talk her out of it!  She insisted that she wanted it cut very short so it would not tangle or require a pony tail holder.  We finally took her Thursday evening, and she has never been happier!  I love the way it turned out.  Mitch is still on the fence, he really loved her long pigtails :(  I think it's very "Reise", and it's multiplied her sassy-factor at least 10 times. 

First Summer Cold...

Poor Rowen came down with his first nice-weather illness this week....probably just some little virus, that's made him feverish and crabby.  He didn't nap well, and Friday at 4pm when his tired Daddy sat on the couch with him for a minute, he just konked out.  Notice the bagel in his hand?  He woke up intermittently throughout the 20-minute snooze about 3 times to take a bite, chew, and swallow.  It cracked me up!


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