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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I am giving my mom wine for Mother's Day. What does that tell you?  Skip the flowers, chocolate and jewelry...and instead have a drink, on me.  We both know it was no picnic to raise me, and I only appreciate this more as I get older and attempt to raise my own children.  So chill your glass, dig out the corkscrew, and don't share a drop! :)  Love you, mom!

My husband and children take Mother's Day weekend very seriously.  Yes, weekend.  It starts the week before, and usually trickles into the Monday after.  They plan meals, plant flowers, arrange for naps, activities and gifts, and it's always very, very, very secretive.

I should have known better than to use up all the eggs in a random middle-of-the-night bake off while Mitch was working last night.  (My bad!)  But, honestly?  Those eggs were never meant to be scrambled.  Clearly, they were destined for this cake. It. Was. Amazing. 

Operation Breakfast Plan B was perfectly executed this morning after a mild panic and a trip to the grocery store for donuts.  How could I not love them??  They are the best, and make me feel loved and appreciated all year 'round, and even more on Mother's Day.

My good friend, Stef (who happens to be married to my brother, and who happens to be getting lots of shout-outs on this blog lately!) loves this book.  I am ordering it for myself for Mother's Day, and can't wait to read it.  Maybe I'll even blog about it afterward. ;) 

For now, there is a special presentation awaiting my attendance in the basement...
Choosing to love,


Stefanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that book so much. I believe it is a must read for every mom at every phase of the game. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it when I did and that I will have it all the years I am a mom. I hope every mom out there orders it-- they are so very worth a gift to themselves! (I got mine on Amazon for $6.) Love Ya, Too. Stef