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Monday, May 3, 2010

A little May Day fun

 Ryleigh ran in the Mayor's Run on Saturday.  The kids run one mile around the city's capitol building, and it's a total blast.  This was the 23rd year for the run, and I have many great memories of running it as a kid.  Rugger and I tagged along (I'm in red, with the hat).  Well, I dragged Rugger (AKA asthma-boy) for about half of it until I finally dumped him on the side of the street with Mitch :)  I was very proud of Ry (she's in grey and black, doing a Miss America wave for all the fans) for running the whole way.  When she finally caught her breath at the end she apologized to me for calling me a slow runner back in September when I finished the Omaha half-marathon in THREE HOURS.  Now that she's run  in an actual race, she said, she understands how hard it is!!  HA HA HA!!  Gosh, I love her to death.  And, for the record, I realize I am in fact a slow runner.  :)

Rowen watched the runners from way down there.

The kids think this is where my cousin Mark lives.  His house is actually a few blocks away.  They have been inside Mark's house.  Surely they understand that the capitol, and the house they've been in are not the same place.  Still, when they see this building, they never fail to discuss it amongst themselves: "there's Mark's house".."where?"..."there!"..."oh, I see it! There's the guy on top of Mark's house!". 

We love holidays at our house, even sorta-holidays like May Day :)

The kids spent the week prior making their baskets. 

Some of us were better at weaving than others...

But I think everyone enjoyed it! 

The look on both of their faces is either concentration, frustration, or boredom?? 

We didn't end up delivering baskets until 7:30pm on May Day!  I spent the afternoon visiting my dad, who is sick in the hospital in Omaha.  I am glad I went-seeing him made me feel better...hopefully he'll be out of there soon! By the time I got home and we got everything ready to go, the kids were wondering why we were headed OUT instead of heading to BED.  Some of their friends were indeed down for the night by the time we made 22 stops around town ;)

I hope my kids look back at this stuff with fond memories...I know I will!

Choosing to love,