"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As I type, I am surrounded by piles of paper.  Piles upon piles, in fact. Bills, school papers, newspapers, coupons, instruction manuals, contracts, books.  I am certain that if I struck a match in here, the whole place would go up in flames in less than a minute.  Why does my office look like this, when it would probably take me an hour to clean it?  Because I'm ridiculous.

I ran on my treadmill today. 30 minutes. Honestly? I ran/jogged/walked. I watched Dragon Tales while I did it. The entire time I ran/jogged/walked I was thinking about the warm, fresh peanut butter cookies I had just pulled out of my oven.  I burned like 200 calories. So, what's that? One cookie?  That's ridiculous!!!!

I have 3 pails of vanilla ice cream in my deep freeze. Even behind that big solid freezer door, I can hear them calling to me. "Come, make dozens and dozens of peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches out of me..." It's 100% ridiculous.

I somehow think I'm saving myself time by throwing load after load of clean laundry onto my basement couch, and waiting to fold it and put it all away at once.  After two days and 15 loads, I have 2 hours of folding, stacking and putting away on my hands.  Ridiculous!!

The fact that I have 15 loads of laundry to do in the first place-ridiculous!

The fact that I do 20 loads of laundry every week of my life...totally ridiculous.

I've run my dishwasher twice already today.  And, it's not like last night's supper dishes were left to run this morning...nope, that's just breakfast, cookie making, and lunch.  Say what??  I'll run it again before the day is over.  Ri-di-cu-lous!!!!!

I haven't driven my minivan in two days because Rowen threw up in it, and I'm scared if I open the door and it still smells like vomit in there, I'll go off the deep end. There is a package of (unopened) Mike N Ikes in there.  The #1 question on my mind is-are those candies ruined?  Have they absorbed the smell?  The fear of coming into contact with whatever stench might be lingering in there has stopped me from finding out.  The fact that I'm constantly thinking about bad-for-me food?? Ri-freakin-diculous!

I post things on craigslist and when they don't sell, I just hang onto them.  Come again?  I don't need them, want them out of my house, yet there they sit. Breast pump?  Haven't used it in over a year, and will never use it again.  Baby coats?  Ditto.  Someone save me, I am completely ridiculous!!!

I spend time blogging when I really should be cleaning, filing, getting a load prepared to haul out to the curb, and steaming some broccoli florets for a snack.


Choosing to love,


The Hjermstads said... Best Blogger Tips

Sooooo stinkin' funny!! I have a full/clean dishwasher from this morning, 3 clean loads of laundry still downstairs waiting for me, toys strung around the entire house .. and I suppose that's about it I guess. I'm sure the bathrooms should be cleaned, floors vacuumed, & I should check that couch cushion I tried to wash pee out of yesterday .... but whatever. ;) However, I chose to make homemade rolls for the fun of it and read while all, yes all, the kids napped ... *bliss* (Your story is much more entertaining though.) :D LOVE IT!

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

steamed broccoli florets for snack? you're amazing!

Stefanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I am laughing my bowl of ice-cream (with chocolate chips on top) off over here! Loving this. My office looks like yours. I have to tackle it soon. I am constantly afraid that my bills are late and the doctors office called again last night (during small group) to remind me of my $89 bill. It's not that I can't pay it-- it's that it's stuck in a PILE. Oh well, maybe when this hearth room is done I can move to the office! One. Day. At. A. Time.
On the journey. Stef

Dave Rowe said... Best Blogger Tips

You had me at peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches.