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Monday, June 14, 2010

Hangers For Sale, DUH!

First of all, let's just keep in mind that I took these pics spur of the moment with my phone.  Mama was workin' FAST, no time for a photo shoot!  

I took advantage of "only" having five kids in my house this morning, and cleaned out my closet.  I am shocked at what I found, seriously.  How many times have I gone out and bought a new 10-pack of hangers because I bought new clothes? Throw away your old clothes, duh! 

I love a little space between the hangers, are you kidding me?  I am so sick of smashing the four shirts I actually wear in between the 30 shirts I haven't been wearing.  Hello, duh!

I found pants I didn't know I had, dress outfits I had forgotten about, and several matches to shoes I haven't been wearing because I could only find ONE.  Hello, duh, again.

This giant stack of perfectly good clothes is going to our church's clothing exchange.  I have no use for 10 pairs of dressy slacks.  I work from home.  I wear yoga pants and JDRF t-shirts.  Every day.  DUH.  The 9 hours I work outside my home, I can dress casually.  I go to church weekly, but I also dress casually there.  I'd rather build up a nicer casual wardrobe and give those dress clothes to someone who actually needs them. 

I cleared out 32 t-shirts.  I do wear t-shirts, but I also do laundry.  I don't need a stock pile that would last me a month.  I kept the ones I really love, and a few that I have sentimental feelings towards ;)

I'm stuck on a few things.  The prom dress my mom sewed for me?  It's not taking up THAT much room.  My old rugby cleats?  You never know...  See?  I'm getting a handle on it, but I'm not dumping everything!

So, if anyone needs a hanger (or 30) they'll be in my storage shed waiting to be used at our annual JDRF garage sale. 

Loving my closet a lot more today,


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