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Monday, June 7, 2010

Multiple Post Monday...

What a great day for a birthday party at the lake!  

Please notice that their outfits are totally coordinating.  Please keep in mind that I couldn't have planned this if I tried.  Please also keep in mind that it was (evidently) very bright out! ;)

Stef, I'm sure if we had given you a better hoop, you would have totally rocked that out.
Cute great-grandparents with a really cute kid!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...twinners!  Is this where Ryleigh learned to be so dang cheesy?  She is so sincere, it's impossible to call it fake.  We'll just say she's extremely enthusiastic, which I guess is not a bad thing :)

Seriously the coolest toy, it makes a really weird noise when you twirl it in the air. I say it's calling the Aliens... Reise and Maeson are in awe.

You girls are so sweet it almost breaks my heart.  I love it that you're sisters, and I love it that your birthdays can be shared.  You'll have great memories of sharing birthday parties, I promise.  I would know :)

I usually go crazy planning the kids' birthday cakes, but this time I just threw it together last minute.  And, by last minute I mean, at NOON the day OF, I used whatever cake mix I had in the cupboard (lemon) and whipped up some cupcakes.  In a rare moment of creativity I flavored the icing with a little bit of cherry juice, which I thought ended up going together really well.  Plus, it made the icing pink, which turned out great because I decided (right then and there) to make the cupcakes into a pull-apart cake...and shaped it like a princess crown. 

I had my doubts, but my cheesy extremely enthusiastic girl Ry says, "Mom, that is the coolest cake EVER, you are the BEST"...so, there you go!

This van rocks my world.  How else could I haul seven people, and an entire birthday party to the park, including the freakin' grill? 

Another Monday begins and my house is in complete and udder shambles, my kids are overtired and oversugared, and I'm ready for bed the minute I wake up.  All of this just means we were fortunate enough to have another amazing weekend full of family, fun, and made memories that will last forever.  I wouldn't change a thing. 

Choosing to love,


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