"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Sometimes, you have to create your own perfect.  This is what I told my oldest child this morning.  When things don't go like you thought they would, you can just change your perspective, and make a different "perfect".  Why not?  Just let circumstances ruin your day?  Heck, no.  It's taken me almost 30 years to figure that out.  Lucky for my girl, Ry, I'm letting her in on it early! 

Once in a while, you don't have to try for it.  It's just perfect on it's own.

We've had crazy, stormy, rainy, humid weather around here.  Perfect for staying inside, baking, watching movies, running the air conditioner, doing crafts.  Not perfect for camping.  Until Wednesday.  Suddenly, as if we'd ordered it, we got perfect camping weather....the day we left to go camping.  See?  Once in a while, it just happens that way. 

And when it happens that way, you'd better appreciate it.  And we did. 

Camp grounds are the perfect place to ride bikes.  People who camp are a special breed.   They are polite and cheerful.  They smile and wave at you when you and your herd of small children go by.  They drive really slow. 

"Mommy, make your camera flash again, there's a bug in here. We lost it. Oh, there it was. Do that again!!" 

The Fashion Police do not frequent camp grounds.  Praise the Lord for that. 

Did you know that if you break a glow stick and the gooey stuff gets on your hands, you can wipe it all over stuff and it will glow for hours?  We didn't.  Now we do.

If anyone saw my child in this BMX helmet and thought "well, gosh, that seems a little excessive", they obviously don't really know Rugger.


Yes, you are seeing it correctly.  It's upside down in a ditch, halfway into a drain pipe. 

Rugger, I love you. I don't know how I got so lucky to be able to see all the weird, funny stuff you do every day. 

This might be the last ever picture of Rowen's piggy blanket. I could honestly cry thinking about it.  Rowen's a big boy, and he's ready to be done with it.  I'm not ready!  I wanted to put it in his box of baby stuff and keep it around for a while.  So sad.  Maybe it'll show up, but I am afraid it's at the lake somewhere.

These boys slept so well in the camper, I was amazed.  They love to sleep together, and they're really good at it.  They don't really mess around or keep each other up.  They do a little chit chatting, get themselves arranged, and then just go to sleep.  I thought the camper would be so exciting for them that they'd never settle down.  Such a proud mama I was, to find them sacked out like this each time I put them down.

Rugger tried to dominate Uno with a very sketchy strategy and Ryleigh rolled her eyes about a hundred times at his "clever" tricks. 

Did I mention that the weather was perfect?  Honestly! 

A great couple of days, tons of awesome memories, good quality family time...and the promise of one more day to do it all over again!  So perfect!

Poor Rugger.  He was in no mood for a photo shoot at this point, but it's all part of it, you know?  One minute this kid was running around, eating, asking for lotion, begging to go swimming, and then next he was unable to move his arm. 

I really thought it was broken.  I felt around, couldn't find anything that seemed out of place, so I assumed the bone was fractured.  He was screaming his head off!  I'm such a psycho that I actually thought-does this kid have some sort of brittle bone disease?  He was just sitting there, and now he's got a broken arm!?? Oh great, there goes our trip to Great Wolf Lodge, he can't go down a water slide with a cast...  For real, I'm a psycho.  I admit it.

So, assuming we'd be at the dr's office for hours doing x-rays and a cast, we packed everyone and everything up.  In 40 minutes.  Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.  1/2 way to the dr's office he's suddenly yelling "hey, looky!!" and I about wreck my huge van whipping my head around to see him waving his arm around like a mad-man. 

Dr. Mommy has diagnosed a dislocated elbow.  I could be wrong.  Nothing appeared to be dislocated when I looked at it earlier, but to just have it suddenly pain-free and working again?  Me thinks it popped back in on its own.  Praise the Lord for that.

So...awesome, and huge bummer at the same time.  Now what are we going to do?  We're totally packed up, and 1/2 way home.  The whole-kids crying because they thought we were staying another day-rushing around to get packed up and on the road-relieved that we don't have a kid with a rare bone disease-thing sort of killed the happy vacation mood we had going. 

This is where you have to make a decision.  Live with a ruined day, or create your own perfect? 

Hello, lake, good to see you again. 

It was actually better that it would have been.  We went all the way home to discover our garage door was wide open.  Weird.  Nothing was missing.  Praise the Lord for that.  I'm really glad it wasn't left for another whole day!  We unpacked our coolers, grabbed some extra life jackets, packed our lunch, and headed back. 

We had a blast. 

We played longer than we would have without those extra life jackets.  The boys got an unexpected nap in the van, so they were happier than they would have been.  We didn't spend our time dreading the packing and cleaning and loading up at the end.  It was already done (and in record time, too).

It wasn't what we had originally planned, but it didn't matter.  We made a decision, chose to have a great day, and made it happen.  I have discovered you can do this with your entire life.  Circumstances have created a life for me I never thought I'd lead.  It's so weird.  All of a sudden, I woke up thinking-how did I get here? And life was no where near the perfect I thought it would be.

There was a day when it was perfect on it's own, and I didn't have to try for it.  Where did those days go?  Now I'm here? No one would choose to be here.

Well, so what?  Make a choice, change your perspective, and create your own perfect. 

And when those perfect days come on their own. You'd better appreciate them.  And we do.

And when they end like this, you know it was good.

Choosing to love,


Stefanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved "catching up" on your blog tonight. Maybe someday we can all take our kids down the Niobara. Wouldn't that be fun!

Lisa Sillman said... Best Blogger Tips

Why do we not go camping together!!!

Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

So inspiring! Love the pic of all your feet, it's a framer :)

Gu34 said... Best Blogger Tips

So much to comment on!

Reise - I love your suit!
Rugger - how in the world did you get your bike there and not get hurt?
Ry - I've never seen you ride your bike! Great job!
Cute little boys - I love the pic of you sleeping together.
Rowen - sorry about your piggy! (Becky - I understand. Sometimes I think I'm as attached to Jacob's monkey as he is. He just lights up when he sees it!)

The feet pic reminds me of the one from your honeymoon.

So much more to comment on. Need to spend some time with you guys again. I'm glad you had fun and that everything turned out ok for Rugger's arm (and the rest of you!)