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Friday, June 4, 2010


I don't think I'll find myself saying "I can't believe it's been seven years...".  It easily feels like seven years.  It feels like seventy years!  I feel like we've always had our sweet girl, can't even really remember life without her.  We have been blessed beyond measure.

I came across this note Mitch wrote to Ryleigh when she was two weeks old.  She got a big kick out of it when he read it to her tonight, on her birthday eve :)

Ryleigh...the day you were born!

Tuesday, June 3rd.  I went to work like any normal day. I had a ton to get done and I never thought the customers were going to stop coming. Your mom had a dr's appointment later in the morning so I left work to pick her up.  Her blood pressure had been high all morning, but we really didn't know what was in store.  When we got there the dr. told us that her blood pressure was too high and they would have us go to the hospital to break her water.  I asked "after you break the water do we stay there?"...All three people in the room laughed at me and said "yes, you will be having a baby today!".  

Leaving the dr's office we were so excited.  We called both grandparents and Aunt Tiffy and told them what was going on.  We ran home real quick and I dropped your mom off to get things packed while I went to work to finish a few things up.  When I got home your mom was going crazy about the house not being clean enough and needing to get things packed.  We hurried to get it all clean, and made a quick lunch.

After we checked in at 2pm we discovered that your mom was already in labor and didn't know it!  After breaking her water we just sat around the hospital waiting for it all to take place.  In the meantime, your Grandma Rowe tried to call about 100 times!  Grandma Sue and Grandpa Don brought me supper around 6pm.  Your mom's contractions were getting bigger by the hour.  At about 9:45pm I decided to go to the bathroom and wash out my pop cup because it looked like it was going to be a while yet.  As I stepped back into the room I thought things seemed different.  Your mom kept saying she was going to push, and I was like "what?? I was gone for two seconds!!".  

The nurses didn't want her to push because the midwife wasn't there yet, but luckily she happened to walk right in.  Now, I should say that knowing your mother and pain never mixed well I thought this was going to be a long process.  I will back up and say that all night she hadn't complained a bit.  She was totally relaxed and didn't have any drugs! There was a lady down the hall on 3 centimeters bawling her head off!!  All the nurses kept saying they couldn't believe she was doing so well.

Ok, so your mother started pushing and she did great. She didn't complain once and just kept pushing. She kept talking about wanting to order a pizza between pushes and I told her we would after you were born.  It was 10:45pm and I thought for sure you were almost ready to come out.  I could see the top of your head and everything!  Well, you weren't ready yet.  Your mom pushed for another hour and fifteen minutes.  At 12:00am exactly you were born.  So beautiful.  I remember the nurses trying to figure out what day you were born.  June 3rd or June 4th? What day is midnight on the dot?  Oh yeah, and I got to cut your cord too!  

Mom got to hold you first.  Your eyes were wide open!  Finally I got you in my arms, it was the best feeling!  After they cleaned you both up we ordered that pizza.  I got to take you to the nursery and help them weigh you and measure you, and gave you a bath.  I took pictures the whole time.  When we got back to the room it was almost 3am so we ate that pizza and took a nap. 

Reading this account from his perspective was really hilarious to me.  Especially the part about me being so relaxed as my contractions got bigger by the hour! HA!!!  I work best under pressure, I've always said that, still do!  And the part about us taking a nap after that pizza.  That pizza was the best I've ever had in my life, but there was no nap!  Well...that's not true, Mitch napped :)

I do love that my first birth was so easy, required no drugs or epidural, and went so quickly!  What a great way to start the rest of my life.  Life as a MOM.  

Happy 7th birthday to our girl, Ry.  You are special, and we love you so very much.

Mom and Dad XOXOXO


Stefanie Rowe said... Best Blogger Tips

Please pause for a minute while I DRY MY EYES! This is totally precious. I, too, remember the day Ry was born. Dave and I had just begun dating but he held no excitement back when he called-- he was an Uncle and he was very pumped. This was also the day he got his first job in IT as an intern at ConAgra. That day he drove a cabinet from Omaha to Waverly for Millard Lumber, picked me up and we went to the hospital, where he may or may not have cried at the sight of his big sister as a mom. I remember thinking it somewhat odd that our second or third meeting as your brothers girlfriend was in a hospital room, but you were very gracious to me. Seven years ago! WOW.