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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer fun...

has just begun.

I love Jazz in June.  I love getting our dinner packed, and loading up the minivan.  I love the little chit chat with the parking garage attendant.  I love the little walk from the garage to the grassy spot where we meet our friends for a totally chilled out night.  I love Maryn.  (I hope she loves Rowen.  Someday.)

I love little boys in wagons covered in chalk from an incident the night before.   I love big boys running wildly through the grass playing only the Lord knows what.  I love girls who jump right in and give those boys a run for their money.


I love bug-sprayed, dirty, scraped up little bodies turning bathtub water murky.  I love the daddy who does the baths.

I love roasting marshmallows on the deck in bare feet.  I love roasting sticks freshly picked from the yard, and not even whittled down a little.  I love sweaty haired, sticky faced kids.

I love another bath night.

I love books before bed when it's still light out. 

I l.o.v.e. summer.



Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all your sweet pictures of your beautiful kids! You make me want to be a better mother.