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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zoo Tuesdays

Have I mentioned how much I love summer? 

In an effort to make it to the zoo at least once a week last summer, I declared Tuesdays our official zoo day.  I hope to make it to most, if not all, Zoo Tuesdays this year...I really do love the zoo.  I love parks, and spraygrounds, and our Children's museum, too.  But the Zoo is probably my favorite.  Our zoo is shaded and cool, even on a really hot day.  It's small and doesn't require a map to navigate through, and we can pack our lunch.  Plus, our friends meet us there...how could it be any more perfect? 

I love not asking what time it is until noon, because I don't really care.  We can eat when we're hungry, and mosey on out whenever we get tired.  I love late naps, which result in late nights, and late mornings the next day.  This is the part of staying home that I l.o.v.e.

Side note- this is also the part of not having a newborn that I l.o.v.e.  I absolutely loved having babies, and we had babies for almost seven years straight.  But, I love where we are right now.  The staying up late = sleeping in late tomorrow, thing.  The playing at the zoo and not getting home for naps until 2pm, thing.

I am certain there will come a day when I will really, really want to go back and live those baby days over.  But, I really loved them then, and I love this stage now. 

Another thing I love about summer?  My girl Ry being home all day.  The way she suggests finger paint on a whim, but then wants a paint brush :)  And, the way my little Matza does whatever my girl Ry does...

And, that's a tatoo on it's way out on Matza's arm, not a huge scrape!
Thank you, Ry! :) Spontaneous acts of love from one of my favorite girls...the best.

Choosing to love,


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

if you ever decide to do zoo wednesday please let me know!! looks like fun! love, aunt nan

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

your babies are delish!!! i want my babies to stay babies too. so bittersweet...the growing up thing.

the painting and paint brush photos are beautiful!