"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Girls' Night Out

There was a day in my life when Girls' Night Out conjured up in my mind images of high heels, tight skirts, late nights, and lots of booze. 

Well, that might be a little bit of a stretch....or a really huge stretch :) 

My oldest, tightest, smallest group of girls consists of my sister and cousins...and I love that.  We have family in common, and so much history we could spend entire evenings reminiscing about Christmases and summers at our grandparents' pool.  My circle has widened over the years to include mommy friends, in-laws, friends of friends...and I love that too.  Occasionally, there is booze...but it's pretty rare to find a pair of heels.   

I need that night out once in a while, I start "feeling" it when it's been too long.  Pretty soon the emails go out, the texts start flying, and we leave our babies at home and squeeze in a few hours to catch up.  

That said, my favorite Girls' Night Out is with these two beauties.

I. Love. Them. So. Much. I. Can't. Stand. It.

We spent 30 minutes picking out our pieces.  These girls were so shocked to discover that "Paint Yourself Silly" did NOT include face paint!  Funniest realization moment of the night-wait, you don't actually paint yourSELF?  It seriously hadn't even occurred to me that they would have thought that.  We pass this little store all the time going to our favorite ice cream shop, and I assumed they knew it was pottery!  Makes perfect sense though, I must admit :)

Funny conversations around this table against the background noise of Reise's constant verbal stream of observations: Mama, I love your mug, it looks gorgeous, did you see that girl over there? she has tangled up hair but I think she likes it like that, and that girl has big glasses, do you think they are hers or her mom's? what is she doing? can we go get ice cream after this? if we do can I use this bowl that I painted? whoa that's a lot of paint Ryleigh, it's going to drip, Ryleigh, I said it's going to drip! mama, tell Ryleigh her...ooooh, never mind, it didn't drip, I might need to finish up my bowl I guess, are we getting ice cream? or not? did you see that girl's bike? she has her bike in the store, that is really weird, do you think that's allowed or is she just doing that? can you help me with my bowl? can I paint on yours? do you need this brush? I am going to ask that lady for another wash cloth, should I do that?


Gosh, I love them.

We made it home in time for snacks and books with the boys, who had stayed home and played baseball all night.  Rugger split a wiffle ball in half because he hit it so hard, he told me (love him!).  I got a great play-by-play from Rowen, in his super animated voice, complete with gestures (love him, too).

Hard to decide which part of the night I loved the most.  Being out and about, not a care in the world, with my two favorite girls.  Or, tangled up on the couch in a bunch of bare toddler feet. 

Impossible to choose.

Choosing to love,

RIP Sadie Sallinger

Oh, goodness.  I had completely forgotten that I blogged about Sadie!  (Thanks for the reminder, Lynne!)  I am sorry to say, she "didn't make it".  We took her camping with us, fed her hourly, and on the last day we woke up and she was "no longer with us".

Mitch and Ryleigh buried her under a nice shady tree near the lake.  They said a few nice words, and I think Ryleigh shed a few tears.

When they got back to the camper we were using phrases like "no longer with us" and "didn't make it"...and Reise looked at Rowen and Maeson and said very matter-of-factly: "boys, the bird is dead".  And, in fact just a week ago or so (so, about a month later) Rowen asked about the bird, and Reise said "Rowen, she's DEAD, remember?!".

Ryleigh has said several times-it's sad, but that's just what happens with birds sometimes, and we made her really happy when we had her.

Well said :)

Choosing to love,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

random updates

Random updates on some of the goings on around here...

Garden:  FAIL.  I have a few theories as to why we have nothing, not a single veggie!  I may have planted too many things in a very small space.  They are growing, but maybe lack sufficient room to produce??  Then, maybe not enough water?  We've had plenty of rain, but I haven't really watered besides that.  I don't know, maybe it's just a bum year!

Dishwasher detergent:  Still haven't found a good mixture.  Soaking my dishes in vinegar completely got rid of the residue, but I'm still tinkering with the detergent.  I put vinegar in the rinse agent spot in the dishwasher, and haven't noticed much of an improvement.  And, really, it's not bothering me enough to work very hard at it!  :)

Summer:  Still going way too fast, I panic every time I write the date and feel it getting closer and closer to August.  Just typing the word "August" right now is pushing me to the verge of tears :(

Basement office: Was clean and clear and feeling spacious for a while.  It's starting to get out of control again, I have piles of bills to go through, etc.  I'm thinking about finding a cool, fun, interesting chair (maybe on craigslist!) to use at the computer.  Maybe a bright area rug...  Anything to make me want to spend more time in here and get my work done!

Laundry: I have been the master of my laundry for the last several weeks.  I am on a roll, and no one can stop me.  Vacations haven't even thrown me off, I leave with empty baskets, then return home and get on top of our dirty stuff right away.  I feel totally accomplished when I have a couch free of folded laundry, and the basement bathroom isn't overflowing with overstuffed baskets! 

Speaking of, better go switch over the load I have going right now, and play a little Hi Ho Cherry O with my big chickens before my itty bitty chickens wake up!

Choosing to love,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

this little chicken went to market...

Gosh, I am loving weekends lately.  Working so much during the week makes me appreciate my time alone with my babies just a little more.  They are growing so fast, and summer is going to be over before I know it. 

The chickens and I met my sister and her boys downtown at the Farmer's Market early this morning.  We got a break from the unbearable heat and enjoyed a cool breezy start to the day.  Daddy enjoyed sleeping in, after working really late last night.  (Who's idea was it to allow clubs in Nebraska to stay open until 2am, anyway??)

We bought giant caramel cinnamon rolls and lemonade, and snacked on fresh cherry tomatoes as we wandered around.  I felt totally relaxed, the people and breeze creating a kind of white noise I probably could have fallen asleep to.  

We added to Ryleigh's rock collection...

and checked out the trains...

and stopped to take some pictures.

It felt good to be out and about with my smoochers, weaving in and out of the crowds with just a single umbrella stroller.  I missed the storage (and the cup holders!) that my bigger strollers provide, but I love how easy-breezy I felt with less to manage.  It's bittersweet to realize how big my kids are getting.  Really, they could all have walked, no stroller necessary.  But, I'll probably let Rowen play the baby and ride as long as he wants ;) 

I bought my first Christmas present, and spur of the moment decided to try and get all my shopping done this summer.  (I technically haven't actually fully bought that present, I still owe my sister $4...don't let me forget, Tiff!) 

We topped the morning off with an hour at the park, and I drove home thinking this is good, it's only noon, we still have 3/4 of the weekend left...

Gosh, I am seriously loving weekends life right now!

Choosing to love,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Fortune

"You'll accomplish more later if you have a little fun this weekend."

This was my fortune last week after a delicious cashew chicken dinner, shared with my girl Ry who came to work with me Thursday evening.

And a little fun we certainly had.

This is how it started...

This is how it ended...

And this is what we did in between...

We entertained toddlers in the car...

We stopped and ate at McDonald's.  Isn't that the law for a road trip? 

We stuffed entire nuggets in our mouth...

We checked out the view from our room.

We ate expensive hot dogs and super expensive (but incredibly tasty) grilled cheese sandwiches.

And, we used a LOT of ketchup.  And no one cared...it's vacation, you can use as much ketchup as you want, and use your hand to spread it on your $4 hot dog ;)

We made wishes and threw pennies into mall fountains, waaaay past our bedtime.

We finally got into bed, but we were having waaaaay too much fun to sleep ;)

We forced little kids to take pictures in life jackets before they got to play...

We had a BLAST in the water...

We took breaks for snacks.  Rugger was looking forward to nachos and pretzels, and I'm pretty sure he got his fill.  (Massive amounts of cheese this time, as opposed to the ketchup!)

We spent hours on these slides.  Literally, HOURS.

We laughed at the boys.

This is Mitch's favorite thing ever.  They lean down two inches from the hole where the water disappeared only to have it shoot back into their face.  The boys laugh hysterically every time, and it never gets old. 

We rode tubes down slides that scared the pudding out of me!

We spent one evening at a ball game.

We think it was probably the hottest night of the year.

We ate lots of cold stuff.

We went up and down those stairs a few dozen times...

We snuggled on laps, until I thought we had actually melted together ;)

We I lost Reise and spent the scariest minutes of my entire life looking for her.  She was sitting in our seats with Mitch the whole time.  We I bawled like a baby, and she promised to never run ahead of me again. 

We had bedtime snacks on the floor.

Then we got up the next day and did it all again.

We definitely had a little fun.  We had so much fun. 

Now, let's see how much I accomplish  this week...

Choosing to love,