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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birds and Bees

I usually don't tell my chickens about fun things we are going to do until the last minute.  This is to avoid days and days of questions about how many more days until we get to do whatever we're doing.  Judge me if you want. :)

So tonight after later baths than I had hoped for, I was trying to rush the 3 big kids into bed.  And it went a little something like this:

Me:       You need to go to bed, we have Brad's wedding tomorrow.
Ryleigh: What? Brad isn't married yet?
Me:       No. He's getting married tomorrow to Charissa.
Ryleigh: Oh, they finally figured out they were in love, or what?
Me:       I guess so!

Rugger: Then they're going to have like, babies, and probably some more babies.
Reise:    And they'll come out of here (pointing)
Ryleigh: No Reise, they come out of your waist
Me:       Oh my gosh, you guys, go to bed.
Ryleigh: Who's right? Do they come out of here (pointing!!) or your waist?
Me:       Reise is right, seriously! Go to bed!
Rugger: How...Do...They...Fit???

Then we seriously spent 20 minutes discussing the birds and the bees...which we have done before, but evidently Reise was the only one listening because everything she said was right on.   Keep in mind, she's the youngest out of those 3...  Also try and imagine that 20 minute convo using words like "gine" and "ween" because for some reason they shorten EVERY word they say including those hilarious body words.  Oh heavens.

Lord, please return quickly, I don't want my babies to grow up!!

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Amie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my! That could have been a scene from my house as well! Too funny on the "nicknames" for the body parts. I love it!