"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Date Night

The day after a holiday weekend is never fun.  Well, I should never say never...but coming down from the holiday high and crashing into a regular ol' Tuesday can be kind of a bummer.  Zoo Tuesday helped.  Having a semi-tidy house helped.  Still...

Until 6pm.  From 6-9 my Rugg-Dawgy-Dawg and I were out on the town. 

Rugger got to pick and he wanted to go bowling and have ice cream.  We threw a few video games in, just for kicks.  Just me and him.  No little kids to keep track of, no one else to please. 

He used the ramp for a while.  Set it up before each turn, very precisely.  So funny!

That duct tape made me a tiny bit nervous.  Keepin' it classy!  

Then we decided that winging it down the lane was way more fun.

Yes, I'm still sporting my Zoo Tuesday shirt.  It's a great zoo shirt, wouldn't you say?  Very easy to spot in a crowd.  Never mind that my cousin's husband called me "Dotty" the last time he saw me wearing it.  My cousin assures me that polka dots never go out of style.  Make-up never goes out of style either, I'm guessing.  Oh well, 1 out of 2 isn't bad.

We put a dollar limit on our kid dates...lucky is the kid who chooses me to go with him.  I use coupons for bowling and we get to play arcade games, too.  

Quote of the night: "Line 'em up..." I swear Rugger asked me to line up his tokens 20 times.  He wanted to keep track of how many were left...such a little planner. 

We finished off the night with some ice cream downtown, and just sat and chatted. So fun.

Coincidentally, we remembered that two years ago on July 6, we spent the evening in the hospital after Rugger's first ambulance ride.  I'm honestly not sure which Rugger would rather do, go on a date or have a seizure that lasts so long the paramedics are puzzled.  He has very fond memories of riding in that ambulance and drinking apple juice in the hospital afterward.  So funny to me that a kid would remember the apple juice.  Probably because he never gets to drink it at home.  Well, there I go again, saying never.  It's pretty rare.  Maybe we should let our poor deprived chickens drink juice, for crying out loud.  Hmmm....NAH.  We'll stick to avoiding all that sugar and hope we never have to pay Lincoln Fire and Rescue to come out to our house again!

Gosh, I love him and I loved our time together.  I also love not getting woken up by him in the night anymore...total bonus!

Choosing to love,