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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Girls' Night Out

There was a day in my life when Girls' Night Out conjured up in my mind images of high heels, tight skirts, late nights, and lots of booze. 

Well, that might be a little bit of a stretch....or a really huge stretch :) 

My oldest, tightest, smallest group of girls consists of my sister and cousins...and I love that.  We have family in common, and so much history we could spend entire evenings reminiscing about Christmases and summers at our grandparents' pool.  My circle has widened over the years to include mommy friends, in-laws, friends of friends...and I love that too.  Occasionally, there is booze...but it's pretty rare to find a pair of heels.   

I need that night out once in a while, I start "feeling" it when it's been too long.  Pretty soon the emails go out, the texts start flying, and we leave our babies at home and squeeze in a few hours to catch up.  

That said, my favorite Girls' Night Out is with these two beauties.

I. Love. Them. So. Much. I. Can't. Stand. It.

We spent 30 minutes picking out our pieces.  These girls were so shocked to discover that "Paint Yourself Silly" did NOT include face paint!  Funniest realization moment of the night-wait, you don't actually paint yourSELF?  It seriously hadn't even occurred to me that they would have thought that.  We pass this little store all the time going to our favorite ice cream shop, and I assumed they knew it was pottery!  Makes perfect sense though, I must admit :)

Funny conversations around this table against the background noise of Reise's constant verbal stream of observations: Mama, I love your mug, it looks gorgeous, did you see that girl over there? she has tangled up hair but I think she likes it like that, and that girl has big glasses, do you think they are hers or her mom's? what is she doing? can we go get ice cream after this? if we do can I use this bowl that I painted? whoa that's a lot of paint Ryleigh, it's going to drip, Ryleigh, I said it's going to drip! mama, tell Ryleigh her...ooooh, never mind, it didn't drip, I might need to finish up my bowl I guess, are we getting ice cream? or not? did you see that girl's bike? she has her bike in the store, that is really weird, do you think that's allowed or is she just doing that? can you help me with my bowl? can I paint on yours? do you need this brush? I am going to ask that lady for another wash cloth, should I do that?


Gosh, I love them.

We made it home in time for snacks and books with the boys, who had stayed home and played baseball all night.  Rugger split a wiffle ball in half because he hit it so hard, he told me (love him!).  I got a great play-by-play from Rowen, in his super animated voice, complete with gestures (love him, too).

Hard to decide which part of the night I loved the most.  Being out and about, not a care in the world, with my two favorite girls.  Or, tangled up on the couch in a bunch of bare toddler feet. 

Impossible to choose.

Choosing to love,


Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Love a good girls night out! I hope to experience it with a daughter someday :) Your girls are just too sweet!