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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I realized I never posted our 4th of July pictures.  Since I sorta feel like if pictures aren't posted, the event never happened...

Such an enthusiastic look, with those ear plugs in!  She's never been a big fan of the big booms...

Our 4th weekend was packed full of family, food and fun...just like it should be.  We went and hung out with DJ Steele for a while at his party at Capitol Beach.  I now have new goals for how I'd like to spend my retirement years.  I love pontoon boats, I love relaxing, I love big decks and huge grills and an awesome place to entertain my family and friends. 

Hello, lake house. 


Since then, we have been SO busy.  Crazy busy.  Make me so tired I can't catch up on my sleep busy.  Like, I'm so tired that I don't sleep well.  I know I need sleep, I can see the clock ticking away getting closer to morning, and the anxiety makes it worse.. oh, STOP!  It doesn't look like it's going to slow down, either.  I am definitely looking forward to 3 days of vacation with my handsome husband and our chickens.  Like, counting down the days.  I don't even care if I sleep in, or sleep all night, or sleep at all.  Just being out and having no agenda but to have fun sounds like heaven to me. 

I feel myself relaxing just thinking about it.  


Have you ever done this?  I hadn't.  It was a blast. 

I seriously couldn't take a picture between starting and ending because you have to shake the thing vigorously the entire time it's popping.  It's actually kind of an upper arm workout. 

I made the kids sit at the kitchen table to watch me pop it, because having never done it before, I wasn't sure what to expect.  If the thing exploded or caught on fire, I sure didn't want any singed eyebrows!  This mama is ALL about safety, like it or not, cool or not, roll your eyes at me all you want, you're still not coming near this open flame!


Weddings.  An awesome reminder of new beginnings.  Young (in this case) couples with their whole lives in front of them.  In the words of the (drunk but honest) best man "there's oil gushing into the gulf and it's nice to know there's so much love in the world..." or something like that.  So true!!

It got pretty late...and if it gets late, Dekker's thumb comes out!  So cute.

Awesome location for the wedding and reception...we ducked the boys out the back door to watch the trains.  And, by the way, that yellow car never moves, it's actually kind of a barrier between us and the real moving train.     

I'm not sure why Reise appears to be in pain.  I'm sure she wasn't.  Well, pretty sure...


I have GOT to go to bed...

Choosing to love,


Amie said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmmm, Big Sister "could have" been pinching her...ha! Love the photos!