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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day Off

Well, sort of.  We had a FAB day today.  We got about 4 hours of sleep last night, woke up and went to church, and then had the rest of the day with no kids.  Hello, heaven?  Yes.  My handsome husband arranged for the kids to go to his parents' for the day, and told me we could do whatever I wanted all day.  So, we cleaned!  Absolutely nothing makes me happier than starting the week with a clean house. 

Mitch loves Chipotle.  He is obsessed with it.  What better way to kick off our afternoon of productivity!?

Is there anything sexier than a man doing dishes?  Yes.  A man scrubbing down mini blinds.  I wasn't allowed to photograph the latter.  It was probably too hot for the internet, anyway. 

All of my life, I will probably forever be rounding up random piles of stuff.  I hate games with missing pieces.  Praise the Lord I found that renegade Jenga block.

I love this van.  I love any vehicle that you can sweep out! 

Rocked craigslist and got a fun craft table for the basement.  When you don't have to figure out how to haul a table and several small children, life is easy!  Now, let's see how much glitter we can get buried into that carpet.  Hmmm...not super thrilled about crafts in the basement, but I need all the space in my kitchen that I can get, and glue/paper/paint/stickers/etc. are overtaking the kitchen!

Have I mentioned that we are "no sugar, no flour"?  It's actually been pretty painless, and we've started seeing results.  I have been inspired by my cousin Jenny to be "Hot By Thirty"!  Pretty sure tonight's dinner put me back about a week :)  Worth it!! 

It just doesn't get any more romantic than this...

I think he's fighting back a smile.  He likes it, he's just too cool to admit it.

Gosh, I LOVED my day off. 

Choosing to love,


Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Hahahaha! Thanks for the shout out. :) And Rugger does that "holding back the smile" face just like his daddy!

Amie said... Best Blogger Tips

Jealous! Its one thing to have a babysitter while you go out, but to have your OWN house to yourself is PURE BLISS! Nice to see you had a fun day!