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Saturday, August 21, 2010


et cetera: a Latin expression meaning "and other things" or "and so on", "additional odds and ends; extras".  Abbr. etc. 

I find myself saying and writing "etc." all the time.  Because, there are so many "other things" that I couldn't possibly list them all out. 

Someone recently told me that they thought I blogged about everything in our lives.  I laughed long and loud at that one.  :)  Certainly, there is a lot of "et cetera" that doesn't get posted.  First and foremost, I usually only focus on the good.  I have found that when I focus on the perfect, wonderful, beautiful, amazing, inspiring things in our life, I feel differently.  My perspective shifts a little, and I am able to see the ugly stuff for what it is: a tiny portion, just an itty bitty slice, of our great big life.

It's not that I'm pretending to be perfect, or burying my head in the sand, or turning a blind eye to the stuff I don't like.  It's just that I'm seeing the "stuff I don't like" for what it is, and not allowing it to drag me down and ruin my day.  Or ruin my moment, for that matter. 

I choose to dwell instead, on the things that make me insanely happy.

A few random et ceteras that fill the nooks and crannies of my days...and make me insanely happy:

Reise loves this froggy blanket.  My mom made it for her as a Christmas gift when she was 2.  Last summer, I put it away because I thought she'd die of heat exhaustion during naps.  This summer, she was old enough to "assure" me that she really, really needed it to stay out.  And when I say "assure", I mean, she threw a big enough fit that I just let it go :)  Even when it's 106* outside and our house is a muggy 79*, she's sleeping with it. 

This girl can not get enough reading hours logged in a day.  I think I've heard her say "I'm bored" once all summer.  One of my teacher friends had a garage sale and sold a bunch of her books, and saved a big stack for Ry.  She has been in HEAVEN.

This boy and his boxer briefs sleeping with his piggy blanket, is one of my favorite things.  That pig is so disgusting, and I promise I wash it!  I soak it in Tide and scrub it's legs, and it stays clean for about 20 minutes. 

He never wakes up this happy.  Lucky me, today!

This is the tallest, most inaccessible wall in our home.  Those are two Nerf darts.  Someone is going to have to balance an extension ladder on the stairs to get those suckers down.  That someone is not me :) 

All day, every day, I collect Legos and place them on a tall bookshelf so babies (who may or may not still occasionally stick random small objects into their mouths) can't choke on them.  The lipgloss is usually up there, too.  

I have the biggest helpers these days.  With some assistance, Reise can collect items from the freezer in the garage and bring them to me in the kitchen.  Glory!  One of these days she's going to get tired of doing all the fetching, but by then I can use the boys for a few years! :)

Milk Monster.  He loves milk, and we have spoiled him into a monster.  And by "we" I mean, "I".  If you've heard him lately, you can understand why I feel like I need ear plugs the majority of the day.  It's almost impossible to ignore him, and he knows it.  We're slowing getting things turned around, don't judge me, he's my baby! :)

So, ANYWAY, a few days ago I ran out of milk and you would have thought I'd killed this kid's puppy.  He was hysterical.  So, I mixed him up some powdered milk I keep on hand for a few of my bread recipes, and viola!!  Quiet Rowen, for the rest of the day.  He loved it!  Everyone else thought it was horrible and they were happy to drink water! :)

What 5 year old listens to ESPN radio?  This kid.  The other day he yelled to my handsome husband "DAD, the Cards swept the Reds!", and we both about died laughing.  He listens to it all day, waiting for a Cardinals game, and picks up all kinds of random sports nuggets.  It's hilarious the things he blurts out.  Call me a pack rat, but that Walkman from 2002 is getting a LOT of use these days.

This blasted antenna causes us to curse every night.  We watch 60 minutes of TV per day, if not less.  Is it so much to ask for that ONE hour not to be interrupted by "weak signal"??  Come ON digital TV, we thought you were supposed to be awesome.  You are not.  You are annoying.  And, I realize I should just bust a $20 bill and get a new receiver and antenna, but give me a break.  It's one hour!  So, forget it.  We are using this one.  Even if we have to perch it on a pile of baby blankets and position it "just so" every night. 

I like to rotate toys.  I store away about 80% of our stuff, and every few months bring out some "new" things we've forgotten about.  And, some of the things we haven't been playing with disappear for a while.  Like, these fridge magnets.  For the last few days Ryleigh and I have been playing a game.  She writes me a message, I discover it, write one back, et cetera.  I. Love. Her.  We must not have any L's, but evidently we have a few 7's :) 

I cut the boys' hair tonight, and I apologized to them afterward.  I can't wait until their dad sees them.  Rugger's is actually not horrible.  Rowen probably could have done a better job himself.  Note: severe humidity creates sticky hair, which is not easily shaped by a pair of $20 clippers.  Hopefully I can even things out tomorrow, in the air conditioned bathroom.  Duh. 

Post-bath movie.  Sweet smelling, soggy haired, blue eyed chickens packed into my bed watching 35 minutes of Veggie Tales...making them exactly 35 minutes late for their new early bedtime.  It's pure bliss. 

I could go on and on...

Choosing to love,


Amie said... Best Blogger Tips

Funniest part of this post? The nerf darts WAY up high. SO funny. And the piles of random choking hazzards. And the stinky, sweaty lovies the kids choose. Are you sure you didn't come take pictures at MY house?! Classic.

christiancari said... Best Blogger Tips

This actually makes me WANT to have kids, which is a rare feat, I can assure you! :-)