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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


NINE reasons I'm happy to be celebrating NINE years of marriage today!  Some days it's easier to love than others, here are a few reasons it's almost impossible for me not to make that choice...

In no particular order:
  • I hate changing the cat litter.  And, I haven't done it since we've had the cat.  So...that's been 6 years now.  It started out because I was pretty much constantly pregnant, and you can't be changing litter when you're carrying a child!  Then, for some reason it just turned into my handsome husband's job.  And, I am not going to bring it up, I am just going to continue to be thankful for it! 
  • I can't sleep alone.  I am a scaredy-cat, and have been ever since I can remember.  I assumed I'd grow out of it, or after so many years of super late weekend nights and the occasional business trip, I'd learn myself out of it.  Nope.  Hasn't happened.   
  • I love staying home with my chickens, and I love not feeling even a tiny bit of guilt over it.  I love being supported 100% in parenting, and knowing at least one adult in the world thinks I'm the best mom there ever was or ever will be.  :)  
  • I love that we create such balance.  I am KLOVE and Veggie Tales, he's Channel 94.1 and Michael Jackson.  I'm let the kids stay up late for one more book, he's put the kids to bed early so we can make out.  He's leave the mess for the morning, but knows I can't handle it so stays up late to help me clean anyway.  I'm Chinese and ice cream, he's burritos and pie.  I'm The Notebook, he's Spaceballs.  He does dishes, I vacuum. 
  • He's the hardest worker I know.  I give him a hard time for going to sit in the a/c in his rolly chair all day, but he seriously never stops.  He doesn't require "down time" when he gets home, he just jumps right in.  He works all weekend building his business, gets very little sleep, and doesn't complain.
  • I get flowers every time he goes to the grocery store.  And, then still get them delivered for special occasions.  I hate spending the money on flowers, but love that he knows that and does it anyway.  It's never lost it's effect, I still get excited and giddy when I see the delivery van in my driveway.  
  • We have the same dreams and goals for our future.  I love sitting around the fire pit talking about what we'll do when we're 55, or 75.  And, I love that we're content to wait 25 or 30 years...because we both love where we are right now and wouldn't wish the time away for anything.
  • When I woke up this morning my heart literally sank because I remembered I had no cold diet Mt. Dew in my little pop fridge.  I knew I had forgotten to stock it up yesterday (or pay a small child to stock it for me) and I was kicking myself all the way down the stairs to get a warm one to pour over ice (which is definitely a let down!).  I decided to check the fridge just in case, and suddenly heard angels singing, and a light from above shined directly into the fridge to reveal that it had been completely stocked!  It just doesn't get much better than that. 
  •  When I find random or much needed steals on craigslist, or the grocery store, (or the drug store!) he's my go-to guy.  He'll price match, use coupons, knock on strangers' doors, haul furniture, wheel and deal...and it makes me SO happy.  I LOVE a good deal, and if it makes more sense for him to stop on his way home, or run out on his lunch, he's totally willing.  "Anything for you, dear" is his favorite line.  Music to my ears.

Thanks for the inspiration, StefAnd, Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!  Looking forward to the rest of my life to choose to love you every single day.  Thank you for making it so easy.  

We're looking forward to a night out at the movies with the family tonight, and we're picking up Ryleigh's new glasses (which will obviously be material for a post later this week!).  :)

Choosing to love,


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