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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Riding With The Big Dogs

Oh, Rugger.  My daring, fearless 5-year-old.  It's not enough for you to ride a normal bike on smooth pavement.  I promised I wouldn't let my fear of you killing yourself hold you back.  I love your personality, which takes "all boy" to a whole new level, in my opinion.  Seriously, I promised.  And I meant it. 

Until we got there.

I tried to convince him that it was too dangerous once we got there, I totally chickened out!  Ryleigh warned him that if he fell, and mom had to come out there and help him, it would be SO embarrassing. 

We hemmed and hawed.  Stalled.  Watched.

Looking cute now...

...then fell under the bleachers.  Every time!  I promise you, that kid falls off bleachers and picnic tables every single time.  It's gotten comical.

Next thing I knew...

He's amazing!  It took him ONE fall to learn to pedal (pedal, Pedal, PEDAL!!!!!) to get up those ramps.  A very nice 17 year old boy helped him out after that first fall.  (Thanks, Ty! I'm sure we'll be seeing you around, and I hope I meet your mom, she raised you right!) 

He is a fast learner, and he's really aware of his abilities.  He likes a challenge, but he knows when to stop.  I think.  I think that's why we haven't made more ER trips with him. KNOCK. ON. WOOD.  

Reise got mad because I told her to wait and see if her stomach settled after her 5th cinnamon roll...

"I love you so much!"

"I love you so much I'm going to pinch your face off!"

Ryleigh cheered the whole time. "R. U. G. G. E. R"  (This was after he made it through the entire track with no spills, and said "SEE, Ryleigh, that wasn't embarrassing!")

Many fun times on the horizon, I have a feeling.  I love this kid.

I needed a fun, relaxing night to refresh and recharge half-way through this week!  Praise the Lord for an awesome night out with my favorite chickens. 

Bring on the rest of the week! 

Choosing to love,


Gu34 said... Best Blogger Tips

AH - cute pictures! I actually stole some of them this time. Those little boys melt my heart!

And Rugger - WAY TO GO! I can't wait to see you do that sometime. I'm SO proud of you!!

I'm glad you were able to get out and take a break. You needed it. Hope the rest of the week goes well.

PAPA ROWE said... Best Blogger Tips

Way to go, Rugger!

Amie said... Best Blogger Tips

What a brave little guy! My son would love that as well!

Michelle Moy said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow!!! That is amazing. Matthew would totally love it out there too. Is it just open and free all the time?

Simplegirl said... Best Blogger Tips

These are awesome pictures. How do I follow your blog? Can't find follow button.

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Just read your comment on Heidi's post and laughed out loud about getting your kids dressed. I do that too sometimes:) Precious kids and I love your music!! :) Sarah

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips

aw, i was hoping i would see him on a bike. i would have chickened out too. so cute. you must have been crying with pride.

ps. my kids usually do look like lost children. promise. :)