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Monday, August 2, 2010

some of us are just not nature people

I love nature.  Really, I do.  As in, I appreciate it's beauty.  I stand in awe at a giant tree or a few grazing Elk, and point out interesting flowers and butterflies.  I wish I just loved being covered in dust and dirt, and didn't mind sweating and swatting mosquitoes off my face.  But, I just don't.  If it's cool, with a breeze, and relatively bug-free, I'm good to stay outside for hours and hours.  Preferably in a large lawn chair with an ice cold beverage.  When it's 92* with 90% humidity, no breeze, and the mosquitoes are so thick you breathe them in...well, I grin and bear it for the kids :)

My girl Reise is right there with me.  She loves to pick up worms, which is kind of shocking given her extremely low tolerance for most things nature.  I. Love. Her.

I honestly didn't know we could drive 10 minutes from our house and see Elk.  I can totally appreciate that.  And, that's what we did last Friday.

I do enjoy seeing them running around and having a fun, carefree time.  I do love to let them experience new things.  They think everything is an adventure.  As **ah, hem** annoying as my girl Ry got with her map-reading and hyper enthusiasm, I do love her excitement over the little stuff in life.  Like, reading and following a map.

Andrew: the Elk are not up there in the sky, Reise.   Reise: I don't care, quit trying to pull it DOWN! 

I am not exaggerating about the intense humidity.  It was like walking around in a hot, thick, fog.  So gross.  Poor, sweet Trenton!  This is what I looked like the entire time, too...completely melted.


The fearless map-reading leader is looking a little concerned.  Hmmm... I'd say, we should probably go straight!

It started to rain, and we had just gotten into this digging area.  I'm pretty sure Reise didn't mind us leaving.  I am telling you, the girl wasn't made to rough it.

In almost every picture I took of her, she's grimacing.  Either too dirty, too hot, too scratchy, too buggy, too much nature!  HA!!  I love it.  My sister (mother of 3 boys with another boy on the way) was probably counting her blessings after witnessing such girly melt downs!  Hey, that's what we're here for-we'll help you appreciate what you've got :)

Honestly Ryleigh, what are you doing? HA!! :)

This van rocks my world.  Have we discussed that enough yet?  We just wanted to drive a little ways down the road to a little more civilization for lunch, you know, with picnic tables and trash cans!  We didn't want to break down the strollers (I didn't even unpack mine!).  No biggie, just load 'em up.  And, yes Andrew, we still have a seat for you!  Love it.

Who needs a door handle, anyway?  Not this girl.

Sorry for your loss, Tiff.  But, it was sure funny!

You didn't really need to enter your car from that side anyway, just use a different door! :)

Praise God for a dry, bug-free house, clean bedding, warm showers, air conditioning, and awesome naps...and for a fun morning making memories with my chickens! 

Choosing to love,


Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Hahaha! That same thing happened to the driver's side door on John's Camry. Hysterical! I'm with Reise...not so much of a nature girl. I feel her pain.

Amie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh MAN! Bummer on the door handle!! And I feel your pain on the humidity and bugs. Ugh. TOTALLY for the boys!