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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Fun

Sometimes, I feel like we have to leave the house to really have fun as a family.  When we stay home the laundry taunts me, I can't stop thinking about the stuff having a party under the beds, I feel like I should be pre-making meals and mopping my floor...and the yard...don't even get me started. 

Once we're loaded up and on the road, I have to relax.  Add a fountain Diet Dr. Pepper, and I may as well be in heaven.  Seriously.  Is there anything better than diet fountain cola in the afternoon? 

Toddlers who take their afternoon nap in the van?  The best.  

We headed about an hour out of town to see an air show.  We shuttled from a parking lot on base to the exhibits.  There was a Raptor demo going on in the sky above us, and the kids were so excited about the bus ride, they almost missed it!  :)

It was super windy, and really hot.  The girls and I had some hair issues starting with that bus ride!

Rugger is at prime air show age.  It was so blasted hot inside that plane, the girls and I bailed.  He checked it out on his own and headed out when he was done.  Loved it!

Funnel cakes at an air show?  Perfect.

Reise. Reise. Reise.  She is something.  Stole a seat in the shaded stroller after the boys hopped out when the snacks showed up, and politely requested bites of funnel cake every so often.  Genius.  

The Thunderbirds got pretty loud.

Some random passerby threw us 5 pairs of ear plugs.  Awesome!  I don't know if it was that loud, but it sure added to the excitement.

 Reise loved it when the Thunderbirds made an "e" in the sky, since there are "two of those in REISE!" 

We waited in line for 45 minutes to go sit in that cockpit. Worth it!

Toddlers who nap on the way home, too?  How'd we get so lucky? :)

Blessed by another fun weekend with my chickens... 

Choosing to love,


Nan said... Best Blogger Tips

looks like a fun albeit hot day!!

Amie said... Best Blogger Tips

ANY adventure that involves car naps is my kinda fun!

Aunt D said... Best Blogger Tips

I love taking naps in the car...coming and going:) Sometimes I have to remember that I'm driving:) You go kids!