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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting It Together (aka: boring post!)

I don't know how many times in the last few weeks I've said something like "I need to get it together" or "one of these days I'll get it together"...  This is a crazy life I'm leading!   

The months of August and September are always crazy for me.  I love our busy life, and we have a lot of fun.  One of the best times of the year is JDRF time.  Our family comes together, and we raise a good chunk of money, and it all feels so awesome in the end.  It's for a good cause, and it reminds us that our family and friends really care about us and are willing to put in some time and effort on our behalf.  But, it's still crazy.  I just seem to forget how crazy until I'm in the middle of it.

And, this August/September we started homeschooling...so multiply that crazy by about 10.  Holy freakin' cow.

The first thing to "go" when things get crazy, is my house.  I put off laundry, meal planning and general cleaning.  Which, is all good and fine for a while.  It's necessary now and then.  And, it doesn't take that long to get the laundry rolling again, and the dishes cleared out, and the playroom picked up.  But in the back of my mind I'm making another list: windows, refrigerator, ceiling fans, bathrooms...and it goes on and on, and by the time I've got the laundry caught up and the dishwasher emptied (for the second time that day), I'm too tired to think about starting that other long, daunting list. 

I want my kids to live in a clean, organized, orderly home.  I'm happier when I know my house is clean.  But, I have better things to do than spend entire days or weekends playing catch-up, trying to get it all done at once.  I can think of FIVE better, sweet, little things...

So, I've been unsettled.  I know being organized helps me.  I feel more productive when I have a plan.  When I have a plan, I can say "I am not easily overwhelmed and I work best under pressure".  I just need a plan.

Today I finally got it.  I think.  I'm pretty sure.

I found this list that I've had for a while, maybe even close to two years???  So sad when I think this little gem has been sitting unused for all this time.  Anyway, I tried to find it online so I could link to it, but it's been removed.  Too bad, too...it's a good one.  So, I'll sum it up:

These things done weekly:
Dust, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedding, Vacuum

These things done monthly:
Vacuum upholstery, Wash Wastebaskets, Doorknobs, Ceiling fans, Stove top, Kitchen cabinets

These things done every 3-6 months:
Curtains, Mattresses, Refrigerator, Stove hood, Windows

These things done every 6-12 months:
Pillows, Pantry/Cabinets, Oven, Defrost freezer

These things done every year or so:
Walls, Carpet

So, when I spread all those tasks over an entire YEAR (vacuum upholstry 12 times, wash pillows 4 times, wash walls once, ETC.) ... it doesn't seem like that big of a deal at all.  Instead, it seems like something I can totally handle.  All I have to think about is one week at a time...and I can put the rest out of my mind because I know it'll get done regularly, on a schedule!  Can you hear the angels singing?  This is an epic moment for me! :)

I made my house's schedule into a google document, click HERE to see it.  It's color coded! 

So, there you go.  Probably the most boring post of all time, but shoot, it feels so good!

Choosing to love,


Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

This is my kind of post! Love that you have your schedule in a google doc...I have a green notebook I keep all my "lists" in for the week, month, etc. Yay for clean housese :)

Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

i always do the weekly cleaning, and just periodically do the other stuff, and sometimes I wonder to myself, "how long has it been since I did this??" so today i printed your cleaning schedule and plan to stick to it! thanks for doing the dirty work and getting the schedule typed up so all i had to do is print. Now what do we do about the toys/clutter??? sigh, just enjoy our kids while they are little i guess! :)