"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Fortune

I'm having Déjà vu.  I'm not even sure if I believe in such things, but here I am, having it!

My handsome, handsome, handsome husband brought me dinner at work last night.  I thought he was bringing homemade taco salad, which would have been wonderful.  Instead...he brought me my favorite cashew chicken from Great Wall.  That means that he had to haul four kids into the restaurant, because they do not have a drive-thru.  That's love.

When I eat Chinese food at home, I never open my fortune cookie.  Never.  For some reason, when I eat it at the restaurant, or at work, I do. 

My fortune last night:  Do no rush through life. Pause and enjoy it.

A few things I enjoyed this week...

Rowen helping me unwrap cheese...can't even remember what we were making? And why he was still in his footed pj's??  

Took a little bite out of every one...

Maybe it was scrambled eggs.  Had to have been.  Because, certainly my kids don't go running around in their pj's all day.  HA HA HA!  No, really, I'm pretty sure it was eggs.  For breakfast.  

Weather in October so nice that we spent a morning running around at the bike track.

The 3-wheelers did a few pretend runs...

A surprise treat for my three big kids, Disney Live! downtown at the Pershing.

Carving pumpkins way too late on a Saturday night.  

Oh, Rowen.  He didn't want anything to do with that slimy gooey mess. 

I love my handsome husband more than I thought I ever could.  When he spends an hour scooping goo out of pumpkins with a spoon and his hands cramp and he just keeps going... 

I love this picture.  By this time, it was 10:30pm, at least 2 hours past bedtime.  The boys had been bathed while the big kids were finishing their glitter...   Neither of them cared what we carved for them, they just LOVED getting to put a candle in it after.  The stuff on the wall behind them got bumped in the process of everyone getting situated...so it's all crooked.  Etc, etc. etc.  It's just my life, and I just look at this picture and remember that I loved every minute of that night.  So. Much. Fun.   

I am enjoying.  Every minute.  I don't pause often enough, so I'm going to make an effort to do that.

Choosing to love,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Children's Museum

Our washer quit spinning last night.  I cheered.  I've been coveting front-loaders for a few years now.  At 18 loads per week, I think I should be able to justify the expense.  However, I won't replace something that's working just fine.  We'll see...the Service Guard tech can't come out for a week.  A WEEK?!  I had 7 loads piled up from the weekend, so by next Monday I'll have 25+ loads.  Obviously this calls for a trip to the laundry mat. 

This might become my new hangout.  The white noise, wifi, and vending machines make it pretty much my dream vacation spot.  My handsome husband is home with the kids and I feel like I just got a morning off.

Thank you to the nice little old lady, who helped me determine which machines to use.  I'm sorry to the 20-something girl, who smells like beer and lost $1.25 to a malfunctioning dryer.  I hope to never see you again to the glassy-eyed middle aged man, who's sitting a little too close to me right now!

We learned about money last week.  Ryleigh wondered why we shouldn't just photocopy dollar bills, instead of going to the bank...  Then, we went to the Children's Museum and she noticed all these counterfeit bills!!  Funny that those have been there for years and we go to the museum twice a month?  She had money on the brain, and they just jumped out at her.  I love that!

Probably a glimpse into our future with Rugger :)

Reise is such a little mommy.  She can't keep her hands off "baby" Titus and every time I remind her to keep her hands to herself she breaks down in sobs of despair.  She just wants to hold him and squeeze him and move him around the house all the time.  I'm glad she chose to throw those baby dolls on that horsey, not Titus. 

A failed rescue attempt...so funny!  Those two fight like siblings, and then help each other out of a tight spot when necessary.  I love that!

Probably my second favorite spot in town is the Children's Museum, and since my #1 is closed until next April... 

This laundry mat thing is expensive, heavens to Betsy!  But goodness sakes, I just washed and dried 7 loads in about 90 minutes.  Plus, I pumped out this little blog post, totally missed lunch time, and will probably arrive back just in time for naps.  That's probably worth the $22.75 I just spent.  Score!

Choosing to love,

Friday, October 22, 2010

This one kid.

I know every parent thinks their kid is amazing in some way.  There are a million amazing kids in the world doing extraordinary things, every single day.

This day, on this blog, we're going to talk about this one amazing kid.  God gave her to me, and I'm calling her mine while I have her.  I can't even begin to take credit for how incredible she is, she just came like this.

When she was 18 months old, she memorized how to spell her name...R. Y. L. E. I. G. H.

Right after her third birthday, she could tell me what letter any word started with, because she knew what sound all the letters made.  On a whim, I mentioned that "ch" makes the sound like "church" and "chicken"...and I threw in "th" for "thankyou" and "throw".  She went ahead and picked those up, too.

I thought a day would come when she wouldn't be quite so amazing, and I wouldn't shake my head in disbelief at whatever she came up with next. 

It hasn't happened yet.  She continues to blow my mind, pretty much every day.  Each of my kids have a way of doing that to me.

My dad asked her to speak about her life with diabetes for his company's United Way campaign.  The goal was to encourage employees to donate a portion of their paycheck to United Way.  She spoke at four different meetings at Millard Lumber in Omaha and Waverly.

 I don't know when she got so big.  It seems like just yesterday she was an only child, barely 14 months old, and we were at Children's hospital with her learning about diluting insulin and checking ketones.  How has it been over six years since then?  She's so big now, she can take that insulin straight up, and she can check for ketones all by herself..  

She was thrilled about that pink Millard Lumber hoodie!  It fits her perfectly, and I predict she wears it out before the season is over.  One of the first things she told me when she got home was "I wasn't even expecting something, so it was a really big surprise!".  I love that.

I didn't get to go, and it kind of broke my heart a tiny bit.  (*Thanks to Jacob Chapman for taking pictures!)  She had the next best thing - my parents.  They showed her an awesome time...starting with hot chocolate and conversation at 9pm.  Followed by hair curling and styling at 5:50am, thanks for taking care of that hair grandma! 

In between meetings, she grabbed a hard hat and toured the lumber yard, and learned how to sketch building plans.  She told me all about fire safety codes, and how you use a ruler to make sure your lines are very straight.  She has a whole stack of plans ready to go, they just need to have a safety stamp...  ??  :)  I really have no idea what she's talking about, but I'm certain she learned something!

I love that she was able to go, on a Wednesday during the school year.  I love that my idea of learning has broadened so much over the past few months.  A day spent speaking publicly and seeing new things, hearing terms you've never heard before like "safety code"?  School: check!

We used "school" to prepare for this.  She wrote out every word on about three pages...then condensed it to about one page...and eventually to note cards.  She basically had the whole thing memorized by the time she was done.  We did less math and less science last week because of it, and no one cares.  There's no end of the quarter testing we have to do, no standards we have to go by.  We can catch up on the other stuff later, when we have time.  Sweet freedom!

It was a great experience for her, and I know she won't forget it.  If nothing else, I hope this makes her feel like diabetes is no big deal.  Like, she shouldn't have to hide her "set" under her clothes if she doesn't want to.  She can confidently tell people who ask what it is, what it's for, and move right along.  How she feels about it will definitely set the tone for how others handle it. 

Thank you God, for choosing me to love this girl.  I'm going to go ahead and call her mine while I've got her!

Choosing to love,