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Monday, October 25, 2010

Children's Museum

Our washer quit spinning last night.  I cheered.  I've been coveting front-loaders for a few years now.  At 18 loads per week, I think I should be able to justify the expense.  However, I won't replace something that's working just fine.  We'll see...the Service Guard tech can't come out for a week.  A WEEK?!  I had 7 loads piled up from the weekend, so by next Monday I'll have 25+ loads.  Obviously this calls for a trip to the laundry mat. 

This might become my new hangout.  The white noise, wifi, and vending machines make it pretty much my dream vacation spot.  My handsome husband is home with the kids and I feel like I just got a morning off.

Thank you to the nice little old lady, who helped me determine which machines to use.  I'm sorry to the 20-something girl, who smells like beer and lost $1.25 to a malfunctioning dryer.  I hope to never see you again to the glassy-eyed middle aged man, who's sitting a little too close to me right now!

We learned about money last week.  Ryleigh wondered why we shouldn't just photocopy dollar bills, instead of going to the bank...  Then, we went to the Children's Museum and she noticed all these counterfeit bills!!  Funny that those have been there for years and we go to the museum twice a month?  She had money on the brain, and they just jumped out at her.  I love that!

Probably a glimpse into our future with Rugger :)

Reise is such a little mommy.  She can't keep her hands off "baby" Titus and every time I remind her to keep her hands to herself she breaks down in sobs of despair.  She just wants to hold him and squeeze him and move him around the house all the time.  I'm glad she chose to throw those baby dolls on that horsey, not Titus. 

A failed rescue attempt...so funny!  Those two fight like siblings, and then help each other out of a tight spot when necessary.  I love that!

Probably my second favorite spot in town is the Children's Museum, and since my #1 is closed until next April... 

This laundry mat thing is expensive, heavens to Betsy!  But goodness sakes, I just washed and dried 7 loads in about 90 minutes.  Plus, I pumped out this little blog post, totally missed lunch time, and will probably arrive back just in time for naps.  That's probably worth the $22.75 I just spent.  Score!

Choosing to love,


Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm jealous of your laundry mat....ours in Waterloo is absolutely disgusting and I'm scared to even go in there to wash our bedding.

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know Jenny, this one wasn't amazing. Probably one of the dirtier ones I've been to. Speed was my objective today though, and I can't complain :)