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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good bye, September

The JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes is one of the highlights of our year.  It's so much work, and I always find myself scrambling around for some reason or another the week leading up to it.  This year there was an issue with the screen printer we used to make our t-shirts.  In the end, after some (mildly) nasty e-mails and a pretty convincing phone conversation, our t-shirts were...F.R.E.E.  Hooray for an extra $500 donated to JDRF at the last minute :)  And, honestly, I'll probably go back to the same company next year.  Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance?  In the end, the owner made it right, our shirts turned out fantastic, and it was only a few hours of my life I'll never get back having to deal with it!  HA!

Anyway, the work is totally worth it when our team starts to trickle into the park the day of, wearing their team t-shirts, bringing their envelopes full of donation money. 

My awesome brother, Dave, his wife, Stef, and their son Dekker. 

It's such a fun day.  We love.love.love.love. spending that time with some of our favorite people.  I love knowing so many people really care about something that touches our family on a daily basis.  I'm so happy Ryleigh will grow up feeling that love.

This is a pretty good turn out of both of our extended families.  Notice the Rowe side (to the right) is a lot taller than the Sallinger side!  Maybe it's just the angle...  Or, maybe all the men in my family really are 6' 4" or taller and they're making the photo lopsided! :)

Here's my little Rerun after a failed Port-a-Potty attempt.  I hate 'em too, buddy, I can't blame ya.  Some day I'll tell him about it and he'll laugh.  "It not working. I scared.  It. Not. WORKING!!"  He stayed dry all day, regardless!  I can hold it for a long time, too, when that's my only other option :)  And, it's no offense to Al's Johns.  The unit was clean and in working order, it's just not our cup-a-tea.

Rowen got his first bee sting that day.  Actually he's the first of any of our kids to ever be stung!  He took it like a champ, sweet thing.

I'm pretty sure our team raised over $6000 this year, the donations are slowly starting to get posted online and I check every day!

Every year, Ryleigh asks if it's enough.

We realized that this was the 9th year Mitch and I have walked, and the 8th year we've had a family team.  The last few years our team has had about 75 members...which blows me away.  It makes sense to me that we would want to spend the time and effort to raise money to find a cure for this disease...but it always floors me when someone with no real connection to us or Juvenile Diabetes goes out and asks for donations.  This year my aunt's friend came along with her and casually mentioned that she'd raised $1400, just by asking her neighbors.  I'll definitely be inviting her to walk with us again next year :)

Thank you to all 75 members of Team Sallinger, for raising money for a great cause! 

A big shout-out to our t-shirt sponsors Super Saver, Cline Williams Law, First State Bank, and our surprise #1 sponsor this year...Screen Ink.!! ;)

A few school goings on...
These larvae (which were really pretty gross-looking) expanded by the hour...pretty incredible!  After about a week they made their way to the top of their little container full of food and attached themselves. 

We had to transfer them to the mesh enclosed cage.  This was something we should have video taped.  I hate bugs. I know they're not going to hurt me, and I can't explain the irrational fear I have.  I was sweating, yelling, panicking.  It was super ugly.  My handsome husband was mildly annoyed but he knows how to deal. 

Painted Ladies! Thanks to my scientist mother for providing our first family school science project. It actually worked out perfectly because we're learning about the flying creatures created on the 5th day this year. 

We recently made this goo which is technically a science project, I guess.  But it was just for fun.  It was actually a Water Wednesday adventure!  I did read two paragraphs about monomers and polymers, and that made my scientist mother laugh.  "That's freshman college stuff, and only if you've gone pretty far in high school!" HA!  Yes, I know.  My theory is, I will fill their brains with words and nuggets they'll never be able to recall or understand, now.  What can it hurt?  15 years from now when they're freshmen in college, their brains might have an easier time learning chemistry because those words are already stuck in there somewhere!

If nothing else, it makes me feel like I'm using my brain for more than remembering who needs to be taken potty next.

Look at my little Titer Tot's face, he's in AWE!

We have made it a tradition to go downtown to the Haymarket and have family Ivana Cone nights when DJ Steele has a meeting.  The kids and I hang around and play on the trains and then when he's done he meets us and we all go eat ice cream.  I love it.

I'm not saying my #1 reason for loving school at home is being able to stay up late on week nights, but it's on the list. 

Last year I would have never dreamed of pushing the kids out the door at 7pm to go downtown for ice cream.  I'm still a big fan of early bed times.  But, when the weather is freakin' awesome, and we all know it's going to be bitter cold and dark by 5pm before we know it...  It feels great to be able to seize the moment.

Rugger has learned a lot in a month.  He has a lot more control with his writing, and he really likes practicing.  His memory is amazing, when he wants it to be ;) 

Ryleigh is blowing through her books at warp speed.  I started her out below what I figured she really needed to be, because I didn't want to assume anything.  I decided if we spent the first part of the year basically reviewing, so what?  At least I will know we didn't miss anything major.  And, since we can go at our own pace, she can just blaze right through.  I'm slowly finding books that I think are challenging enough for her to read on her own, but still hold her attention.  She's 7.  She wants to read Junie B. Jones and Magic Treehouse.  The trouble is, they're so easy she can read the whole book in 30 minutes.  Books that are more challenging for her are boring because they're meant for a 4th grader.  It's a dilemma! 

Reason #462 to love home schooling...trips to the Omaha Zoo on a Monday in September when the weather is to.die.for. and it's not crazy crowded!

We washed our JDRF shirts and wore them to the zoo the next day.  We got lots of stares, but we didn't lose anyone :)

Still dry here...about 30 seconds later they were soaked.

That Skyfari was so fun.  And, so HIGH.  It didn't even occur to me to be nervous until I was up there already!  I was too busy figuring out who was riding with who, and getting myself and those two chickens into that moving lift...next thing I knew I was clutching the bar with one hand, and white-knuckle-death-gripping the baby with the other hand :)  Those two sat super still for the entire 20 minutes, and they loved it!

Thanks for the picture, Misty! I stole it from your facebook album :)

We arrived at the zoo after an hour drive with 8 kids at 9:30am.  After meeting up with Mitch's sister we had 10 kids.  7 of the kids were 3yrs or younger.  We had packed our lunch, and I figured there was no way we'd stay later than 2pm.  8 out of the 10 kids take a NAP on a normal day.  At 4:15pm we finally hit the road.  The weather was perfect, the kids just kept going and going, so we stayed.  

So much fun.  

I'm off to bed, I have been dragging the last few weeks with something...not really sure what.  I hope whatever it is has decided to move on out, because I've got no time for it ;)

Choosing to love, 


Naomi said... Best Blogger Tips

I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading some posts! I am just about to register for my first walk to stop Diabetes in November. I am excited to get a team together. Does a family member of yours deal with T1 diabetes? Your children are beautiful, and I think its super cool you homeschool! I just started kinder with my son Graysen, and it has been an awesome year so far! I really enjoy it! Anyway- hope you have a great day, love your blog!