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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Lasts...Zoo Tuesday

I feel like we were just here.  Talking about the lasts.  We're here again...the last Farmer's Market, the last Zoo Tuesday, the last warm nights for marshmallow roasting...  Bittersweet.

The Last Zoo Tuesday...

I plan our outings about two weeks out.  This day was supposed to be a Children's Museum day, because back when I planned it there was rain in the forecast.  I'm sure that would have been great but there was no rain, and this couldn't have been better.

Zoo Tuesday delivered.

We stayed for four hours, just because we could.  The weather was perfect and the zoo was empty.  The day before was packed, I'm told :)  I had forgotten my phone at home, but thought I knew about what time it was.  I couldn't believe it when we loaded up in the van and it was 2pm.  Time flies when you're having fun!

Leo the Lion never disappoints.  The paper eating lion, that's been there since I was a kid.

Last train ride of the year!

This seating arrangement was for photo purposes only, by the way.  Sorry, Rowen.  Maybe next year you'll be able to ride in the back with the big kids.  Or, maybe the next year after that. 

Rowen could not wait to get on that train.  He (along with a million other little boys around the world) loves trains.  I told him we would ride the train at the end of our time at the zoo, and he could hardly contain himself the entire day.  Every time it passed us he waved at it like a maniac and asked me over and over if we were still going to ride.  Once he was through the gate and seated, he was all business.  So very serious.  And he didn't let that ticket stub go!  I LOVE that kind of thing.  I love him.  We've probably ridden the train 6 times this summer, and I can't recall him being so crazy over it.

It was like he knew it was going to be a good long while before he was gonna get to go again.  :)

Big sigh for good things coming to an end.  Good things ahead, I know, but I just love the zoo!

Choosing to love,


Stefanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Looking forward to all that the chilly weather has to bring to your chickens, daycare friends and blog! Here's to Cookie Mondays, Snowball Fight Tuesdays, Soup Wednesdays, Snowman Thursdays and snuggling up to movies on Friday!!!