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Thursday, November 25, 2010


The day before the holiday might be my favorite.  Ryleigh loves Eves.  Eves upon Eves are declared several days out.  This Thanksgiving Eve we created a feast of sorts, including some of our favorite food items.  The lunch menu: cheesy noodles, brownies, craisins, pickles, turkey, stuffing, jello, and marshmallows. 

Rugger woke up early and helped me get my first ever turkey into the oven.  He's so funny.  I really had no idea what I was doing, I've never even really seen it done start to finish.  He was all about it.  Of course, an hour later when his buddy Eli showed up, he was too cool for the kitchen.  Whatever, dude.  We both know what went down in there at 6:30am, and I loved every minute! 

I talked turkey with anyone who would listen to me over the last few days, and got a few tips.  The ones I used: use a bag, use poultry seasoning, stuff a stick of butter into the cavity, use apple juice instead of turkey stock, cook it breast-down.  The one I couldn't figure out: pull the baggie full of giblets out before you cook it.  I couldn't find that baggie, I searched!  I even checked the packaging to see if it said something regarding giblets.  

My mom found it, cooked.  "Did you know, most people actually take this out before they cook the turkey..."  Good grief. 

For whatever reason, I decided to make massive quantities of french toast sticks for my freezer this morning.  In addition to the turkey and stuffing I had going on!  The griddle was already out, and I happened to have three-dozen extra eggs and several loaves of bread sitting around.  I asked Rugger to bring me the eggs from the refrigerator in the garage.  A few minutes later, Pete and Repeat showed up!!  I about died laughing, and risked taking a picture before carefully removing them from their arms :)  Then I told Rugger that next time, the boys should not be carrying cartons of eggs up the carpeted stairs.  Please.  Oh, they were proud as peacocks! 

Maeson was pretty pumped to crack a few eggs. 

Then, he just threw the whole thing into the pan.  So proud!  Oh, buddy. 

Rowen's got it down pat.  

There was a little slippage, but in the end...no shells.  Good enough for me.

Pretty exciting stuff, when that little red button popped out.  I wasn't sure if we should trust it.  Could it really be that easy?  What if I dig into it and it's still raw!?  I texted my kitchen savvy sister-in-law semi-feverishly.  (I'm putting a meat thermometer on my Christmas list.) 

After taking this picture I decided the little boys would be getting haircuts tonight.  My goodness, shagsters!

We made place mats to use for our "feast".  So fancy....in a marker, construction paper and stickers kind of way. 

My mom randomly swung over and got in on the lunchtime festivities.  She told me she thought it was time to throw out that orange Tupperware cup.  It's at least 25 years old.  It's never been tipped over, and I will never throw it out.  If I could find a dozen more like it, I'd buy them.  Can you imagine a day without a milk spill?  What would I do with myself? 

The turkey was delish, and fully cooked. 

I also wanted to do a trial run on homemade stuffing, which was another first for me this year.  The kids got to the table about 25 minutes before that stuffing ended up being ready, and they sat sort-of patiently, sampled the turkey, sang a few songs...and then it was finally time to eat.  Guess how many kids wanted stuffing?  ONE.  Thank you, Rugger!  Poor little bored kids, they could have eaten and been done after all that time :)

Thanksgiving Eve haircuts are honestly a little stressful.  If those cuts get botched, we're showing up to Grandma's in baseball caps?  Lucky us, a little hair gel and we'll be good to go this year.

So much to be thankful for!  At the top of my list: a loving and merciful God who knows no boundaries, my handsome husband, our sweet chickens, a great group of friends I get to share life and raise babies with, parents who love each other, and siblings who will forever be on my speed dial.


Choosing to love,


Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

sounds like a wonderful day!! happy thanksgiving!

Robyn said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE IT! Sounds like a busy, but awesome day.

christiancari said... Best Blogger Tips

I love, love my meat thermometer!! It's a super simple $10 one, but so handy to have. And I love the tips you used for your turkey. I've never made one, but the best one I ever had was made in a bag, breast down. Yum! The stick of butter sounds fab too. And I know I've heard of other people having a hard time finding that bag of stuff inside the bird, so don't feel too bad. Is it supposed to be hide & seek, turkey producers?! :-)