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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Shutterfly Cards

I've never ordered cards from Shutterfly, but will definitely be taking advantage of their 50 free cards for blogging about them! Why not?  Who doesn't love FREE?!

My sister in law orders everything from cards to mugs to calendars from them, and loves their stuff!  If you blog, and want to get in on their 50 free cards promotion: go HERE.

We never send out Christmas cards because life's so crazy in December, I figure there is no reason to add to it.  This year we're adding to the crazy by letting the big kids participate in our church's annual Christmas program which runs 13 performances.  They will love it, and I'm grateful for the opportunity they've been given to participate!  Anyway, we always send out Valentine's a few weeks later to make up for it!

This year I might use my 50 free to send JDRF Thank You cards from Ryleigh. 

I'll let you know how they turn out.



Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

just a FYI, the cards have to be 5x7 STATIONARY cards.... i had to re-make mine twice to get the free one! LOL