"The real winners in life are people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better." - Barbara Pletcher

Friday, November 5, 2010

Husker Nation...sweet weekend freedom.

Our week is full of routine and predictability.  My All kids thrive on knowing what comes next and take comfort in a schedule.  It's necessary for us, the structure, routine, predictability.  We are constantly reviewing our schedule and changing it as the kids grow and our needs shift.  There's usually a brief period of unrest, and then we settle in again.  It's all good and fun.

This was good and fun, too...I love the freedom our weekends bring.

Saturday, we let the daddy sleep in after working late Friday night.  At 11:30am (when we'd normally be making lunch and thinking about naps) we headed over to Husker Nation to catch some football fever.  We parked far enough away that it took us 40 minutes to walk to the stadium.  Rowen walked the whole time.  It was a blast, so much to see, so much excitement in the air.  Even I got into it...GOOO BIIIIIG REDDDDD!

My dad mentioned his rock star motorcycle parking maybe one too many times after that walk ;)  The kids loved "running" into him.  Every time a meeting like this is arranged via text, I am reminded how thankful I am for cell phone technology. 

We fed the kids "bargain" hot dogs, bought a few mini footballs, and just relaxed the day away.

It was gorgeous weather-absolutely perfect.

We watched kick-off at 2:30pm on the big screen, and set our balloons free after the first touch down, which was thankfully within the first few minutes of the game.  Everyone was getting hungry and tired, so we started walking back to the van.  Let me tell you...it was 100% more fun walking TO the stadium than it was walking away from it.  Holy merciful heavens.  I had a toddler on my shoulders, Reise suddenly lost her ability to walk without whining so she ended up on Mitch's back, and we eventually made it. 

Why not do some Mexican food at 4pm?  It was awesome.  We relaxed, ate, and talked about all the new things we'd seen.  Reise saw a grown man wearing a baby doll in a front pack.  The doll was wearing sunglasses, and she thought it was real.  She broke down sobbing when someone told her the baby was fake...still not really sure what that was about ;)  Rowen is still talking about his balloon...kinda sad that he had to let it go.  Rugger loved the turf with the recycled tire bits under it.

Sweet freedom, our weekends.  I love love love them just until Monday morning when I'm so very thankful we've been forced back into our regularly scheduled program.

Choosing to love,