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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No, look over HERE!

It is not easy to get pictures of the kids good enough to print 8x10 style and send to the grandmas.  I keep telling myself that it'd be more work and stress to take them somewhere, and I'll save myself a lot of money if I can just buck up and do them myself. 

Note to self: check background for random parked vehicles.  Darn it!  Oh, well.  It turns out this was not a great location anyway, not a break in sight from the cold 30mph winds.

Once in a while we'll get really lucky and all five will be faced my direction with a natural smile on their face. This is as good as we got this time.

After about 20 minutes of this, the little boys are jumping and crossing their eyes and Rugger isn't doing much better.  Reise just loses all expression in her face, and Ryleigh starts looking a little pained.  Sweet girl!  I turn into ugly, mean mommy, with lots of sighing and eye rolling, and we just need to call it a day!

Something tells me the grandmas would just like to get their hands on a print of any sort, so we're going with what we've got!  ;)

Choosing to love,


Marylyn said... Best Blogger Tips

The last paragraph says it all...and don't forget the Great-Grandmas! You're an 'amazing' Mom, Becky!!! Love, LaoLao

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey, Grandpas likes to be included too. I think they are wonderful pictures.
I love you all.
Grandpa Rowe

Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

becky, these pics are great! all of them! but the one of the little boys looking at each other is priceless!!! YOU.ARE.SO.BLESSED!!!