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Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Bash

I forgot about this day, and I'm so glad I had the pictures to remind me about how funny it was.

November Bash was held on November 1st.  It started with a football game, and ended with a party.  Duh.  Doesn't everyone do that on the first day of November?  I think maybe we were still high on sugar from Trick or Treating.

Ryleigh announced the game, and kept track of the stats.  This killed me!  That microphone and the make-shift clip board.  For real!

The team doctor...

The kicker figured this out:

True story: when I was down on the floor taking this picture Rugger actually kicked the ball right at my head.  I yelled really loud because I didn't see it coming.  One eye was shut and the other was squinting through a camera lens.  Hello, Rugger!  Common, buddy!

The fans.  They look super thrilled. 

The band!

Ryleigh would plan a party every day of the week if I let her.  She was basically in heaven with the balloons and streamers.  When I think about it, it really takes so little to thrill the pants off of her.  I love that.  They are so dang creative, and they work together sometimes in a way that just amazes me. 

November Bash was a wild success.  It continued to be a success all week until it disappeared on Friday :) Magic! 

Choosing to love,