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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Take a picture...

...it'll last longer!

I thought about bringing back that awesome phrase from middle school tonight.  Who knows why, maybe the colorful crowd that hockey brings out?  For some reason I got a lot of open-mouthed gawking tonight when I took the kids to a hockey game.  And, I'd like to say for the record, that they were perfectly behaved.  Seriously!  That's not always the case, but they blew my mind tonight.  Praise the Lord.  They're never little demons or anything ;) but with that many little kids (out past their bedtime and on junk food!) the odds are, at least one will have a bad night.  Not tonight. Tonight they rocked it like it was nobody's business. 

"If I could just figure out how to get this puck into my pocket..."
Our local JDRF office got a group rate and a donation for every ticket they sold, so I figured now was as good a time as any to go to our first hockey game.  Mitch had to DJ a middle school dance, and I'm sure he had a blast :( sorry, handsome husband.  Thank you for working so hard, we love you!

Rowen's favorite thing was the Zamboni.  He was frantic over it and watched it the whole time.  Even when it was just parked and doing nothing.  He had his eye on it, just waiting for it to move.  On the way home he used his most excited (loud) voice to remind us all about it...the "Zampony-tail".  Um...yeah, something like that. 

At one point there was a spotlight on a rather large (drunk?) man dancing...it. was. hysterical.  Eventually he turned around and "spanked his booty" (-Reise), and Maeson used his most excited (loud) voice to remind us about it allllllll the way home.  Thankfully that happened while he was awake, he would have been pretty sad to have missed it.  Oh, heavens.  Who falls asleep at a hockey game!??  Evidently he was very tired, poor sweet thing. 

I took this with my phone, and I'm sure it did nothing to add to the gawking...

He and Rowen were sharing my lap and Reise noticed he was asleep, sitting straight up.  So, I slithered him down into the seat next to me and he used my leg for a pillow.  Worked pretty well until we wanted to go get snacks...  He was out cold.  So, picture this: me carrying my BIG purse (necessary to carry extra underwear and pants for the potty training child, who is now asleep), AND 35lbs of dead weight over my left shoulder, holding Rowen with my right hand.  Until I had to pay.  Then...shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, "Rowen, hold this belt loop on my jeans and do not let go". 

So bummed Maeson got left out of this picture.  He was still asleep, slung over my shoulder!
Hmmm...wonder why I got so many weird looks?  ;) HA!  It actually wasn't that bad, honest.

I eventually got the comatose boy awake with nachos and polish dogs.  Followed by a few swigs of Diet Coke.  Perked him right up just in time to enjoy that dance solo by Mr. Uninhibited in Section C. 

So. Much. Fun.

I told the lady in front of us, who was super outgoing and knew all the kids' names by the end of the night, that Rugger was my favorite.  This was after she watched him pull a pair of white gloves out of his pants' pockets.  He's a thinker, he knew it'd be cold in there!  I loved it.  And, she knew I was kidding about having a favorite. 

Pretty sure this was during the fight.  WOW.  I'd maybe rather our boys do football?

Ryleigh and Rugger had a pow-wow during the 3rd period and finally figured out that the crowd was chanting "YOU SUCK" over and over...dang it!  I knew they were confused about it, because I doubt they've ever heard those words used together in that context.  I was half-hoping they'd never get it, but they totally did.  Pretty entertaining watching them go back and forth, then figure it out, but still not really understand why you would say that.  Welp, had to happen sometime.  So then when we get home, everyone's in bed, and Rugger says "man, I can't believe I let Rowen have one of my gloves and he lost it."  I agreed, "yeah, that really stinks, I'm sorry that happened." 

Rugger: "It doesn't stink, it SUCKS!"

Whoopsie daisies! 

Choosing to love,


LaoLao said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, Becky, Becky, Becky! The rest of us are in awe of your abilities...taking 5, that's 'FIVE' young kids to a hockey game by yourself. But, of course, knowing your abilities, we know you have groomed 5, (that's 'FIVE') very good, proper, and well behaved kids. Love the pics, especially the look on Reise's face...(Where am I and what's happening?) One question from me, "Maeson had Diet Coke"??? Not guilty!!! Love, Lao