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Monday, November 1, 2010

We do Halloween.

We didn't do Halloween when I was a kid.  I remember trick or treating once, when I was in Kindergarten or maybe 1st grade?  After that we just didn't do it.  Our parents pulled us out of school during the costume parade and we got to go out to lunch.  Then on the night every other kid in America was out collecting candy from strangers :) we were in the basement with one bag of candy and a movie.  Shades drawn, lights out.

I love my parents, but....for real??  What was that about?

We do Halloween. 

Honestly, this *Storm Trooper costume was not one of my better efforts.  I feel bad about it, but Rugger didn't seem to notice or care.  I told a friend that this costume was meant for the dark anyway...  :)

*Update: for the record, I'm not a Star Wars fan and evidently Rugger was actually a Clone Captain.  Captain Rex, to be specific.  I knew he was Captain Rex, but failed to realize there was a difference between a Storm Trooper and a Clone Trooper.  My bad.  Thanks to my brother, Dave for correcting this geekish error.  A Storm Trooper looks more like this:
This is Rugger's 5th birthday cake, which I made and understood at the time was a Storm Trooper helmet. This cake was one of my better efforts.  As opposed to the costume.  Sorry, Rugger!

I made Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber 4 years ago for Ryleigh and Rugger.  Reise was just a tiny baby and she had a pea costume...it seems like just yesterday!  Bob is actually a pumpkin costume (that my mom made for Ryleigh...yes, my mom who didn't do Halloween) I just covered it in red and made the face.  A few years later I removed Bob and returned it to a pumpkin again for Maeson.  This year I covered it in Bob again :)  It's really gotten a lot of use! 

Reise decided one hour before we left for Trunk or Treat that she wanted to be a ballerina...which worked out well because her cousin Dailee really needed the Tinkerbell she was supposed to be :)

I baked cupcakes for this cake walk, and the kids decorated them.  They were ugly, I can't even lie about it.  I had to resist the urge to just take over and frost them myself.  I hated the thought of the butter cream frosting not covering the entire cupcake and it getting all dry and gross.  Ho hum, I gave it up, and I'm glad.  The kids had fun doing it, and they were super proud of themselves.

The kids had a blast.  There were giant bounce houses and we all wondered how smart it was to load them up with candy and cupcakes and then turn them loose to bounce themselves silly.  Sure enough, some poor little boy lost it all over the gym floor.  I'm one of those gawkers you don't want near you if your kid barfs all over the place.  My awesome girlfriend Rachel had her wet wipes out and was over there in a flash being sympathetic and helpful.  What can I say?

Every year I worry about our cat on Halloween night.  We talked about the word "superstitious" on the way out the door. 

 Rowen decided to be Super Boy this time...maybe he gets his strength from $.50 corn dogs from Sonic?  That was honestly the highlight of my night, those corndogs! 

We basically just drove the kids around town to stop at my grandparents' house, my aunt's, Mitch's brother...etc.  It's so fun to see everyone and it kills the night without having to go door-to-door for hours.

They gave out candy at my grandparents' house, which is a blast.  Ryleigh would say "pick one each" and eventually she said "thank you for your cooperation".  Oh, heavens!!  She kills me.

We ran into Ry's BFF and did a little door-to-door with her.  

At the end of the night everyone dumped their stash to check things out.  

Then, Reise and Rugger sorted theirs and I went ahead and considered our math lesson for the next day completed :)

I actually got a nice picture of him smiling and being sweet, but this is honestly more accurate...  ;)\

What a fun night.  I'm not saying I don't have fond memories of eating lunch out and sharing Reese's peanut butter cups with my siblings in the dark basement.  I'm just saying, we do Halloween ;)

Choosing to love,


Rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

I love you Becky and every single one of the Sallinger bunch. You remind me to take in every moment with my kids. You are a blessing and such a great friend. Thanks for providing such entertainment while Kennedy and I eat breakfast. And PLEASE remind me to tell you a funny story about not doing Halloween. :)

Dave Rowe said... Best Blogger Tips

Ha! I love the correction. The costume looks fantastic! And, I'm not up on the 'Clone Wars' side of things, I just recognized the helmet from other characters in the Star Wars franchise.