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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back to the same ol'.

HAHAHA!!  As if there's any such thing as same ol' around here.  Oh, mercy.  I crack myself up.

The Christmas program is over.  Kinda sad, when the whole cast was on stage after the very last performance singing together I felt a twinge of "awwww, it's over, and it'll be a whole year before we do this again".  The kids had a blast, and we'll be looking forward to it.  Then again...it'll be really nice to have all those hours put back into our week :)

Good thing, too.  We've got big plans this week.  Hats to finish, aprons to start, school work to do, a birthday party to throw, and a family Christmas this weekend, bathrooms to clean, laundry to do, and I've still been SHREDDING...you know how it goes!

Ryleigh started a blog, and that's been keeping us busy.  She had a major meltdown over the weekend after she started thinking about people with no homes in the cold, windy weather.  While I was giving the boys baths, she brainstormed ideas on how she could help and her list (a literal, handwritten list) looked like this:
  • go pick up homeless people in our big van and bring them to our house
  • put a donation box on a table in our yard for people to give money to help Mark buy food for the food distribution
  • put a table full of hats and mittens in our front yard
  • ask the people we know at Super Saver to put a donation box on a table in their parking lot
  • make up baskets of food and clothes and drive around looking for people to give them to...
and on, and on, and on.

Reise's idea:
  • make cards to give people that say "I'm sorry you don't have a house".
Reise made 30 cards (no exaggeration) and they are all stuffed in my purse right now.  

It's so hard!  I struggle with trying to help her be practical and logical, but I don't want to squash that intense need she feels to help people.  She's always had a gigantic heart and for whatever reason, she's very concerned about helping people who have less than she does.  I've seen the other kids show that they care, but that's where it ends.  They feel bad that there are people with no homes (Reise-"let's make them a card")...but they don't feel like it's their duty to fix it.  Ryleigh does.  I love that, and can take no credit for it.  She just came that way! 

Anyway, I finally convinced her that we should find a place where there are already people in need (hello, thank you Jacob's Well), and bring our donations to them.  We decided since we were already making hats, that would be a great place to start.  Surely there are kids out there who need an extra fleece hat!  And, I told her that if she started a blog she could potentially reach billions of people on the internet and convince them to donate money to Jacob's Well.  Mark can buy a LOT more food for $1 from the food bank than we can at the store.

She's been having fun typing out what she wants to say, but it takes a really long time.  I think we may start having her write on paper what she wants to say, and then she can transfer it to the screen.  She gets frustrated when she forgets what she was going to type because it took her sooooo long to find a letter on the keyboard :)  I showed her how to link to another website, and she was just amazed.  I also think it will be a great place for her to keep memories of things she's doing.  Sewing and blogging: great stuff for us to do together, so fun!

Have I said this before??  In case I haven't-I love homeschool.

Choosing to love,


Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

what sweet kids you have becky! you must be doing something right :) they are such blessings!

Marylyn said... Best Blogger Tips

Makes Lao'Lao's heart happy!