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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Everyday Fun

Everyday Fun: the stuff that breaks up the ordinary of the week. For us, that includes the library.  We go to story time about every other week, and the kids really love it.  It's enough for me to keep track of 7 or 8 kids in the library, without trying to be the paparazzi so I never take my camera.  

Rowen loves Miss Susan and her little puppy, and when I tell him it's a library day, he starts singing "Hello, Hello, and how are you?..."  Soooo dang cute.

 I have been trying to use my 50mm lens and I mostly hate it, but once in about 100 pictures I get a good one.  Hi, Titer Tot! I love this picture of you!

Reise gets to go to the preschool class by herself (with her buddy, Truman).  They have a blast in there with Miss Peggy.  Anyone from my high school reading?  Miss Peggy is Ben Loos's mom.  Hello, blast from the past!  She is as sweet as they come and we've actually run into her at Target before, and the kids ran screaming down the aisle for her.  It wasn't obnoxious at all. 

They end with the silly dance song, which was made for those two!

See my Lao Lao in the background?  Love her!  With a name like Lao Lao, you might think she's the nice looking Asian woman on the left.  Actually, no.  She's the smiling white lady in blue :)  You should have seen the kids light up when they walked in the door and she was standing there.  What fun.  Probably kicked this library trip up a notch from Everyday Fun to something a little extra special.

This is why I hate this lens!  I need to take a class.  I'm fully aware that it's not the lens, it's me.

Ryleigh and Rugger are allowed to pick books and read by themselves for the 20 minutes that I'm sitting with  the toddlers.  I tell them to stay together, no running, etc.  Ryleigh takes it very seriously, and I am glad to know she never lets Rugger out of her sight.  Altho it is pretty funny to watch her get so frustrated with him.  He's clueless!  Someday they'll appreciate each other! :)

Choosing to love (and I LOVE the library!),


Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

my kids love the library too... they could spend hours there if i would let them. :)

Gu34 said... Best Blogger Tips

Love those pics of Rowen. Reise and Truman are cracking me up too! Sorry we missed Lao Lao day at the Library! We definitely need to go next week. Jacob's been so sleepy at 11 that I knew he'd fall asleep on the way home. Need to push that nap back!!