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Friday, December 3, 2010

If you need us for the next two weeks...

we'll be doing a lot of this:

The kids are participating in our church's annual Christmas program.  We didn't let Ryleigh do it last year because it's a giant time commitment and the shows start at 7:30pm on weeknights, which creates a sleep problem for a kid who has to get up for school the next day.  This year, they can nap in the afternoon if they need to, or sleep in until 10am the next day!  I feel great about it. 

This year, there are 13 performances (90 minutes each), the kids are in 4 songs and wear different outfits for each song.  

They start practicing in September, right after Labor Day.  There are 60 kids participating this year, and over 150 adults.   

Thousands of dollars will be collected and donated to local charities: City Impact, Christian Heritage Homes, and Christian Student Fellowship are the recipients this year.  It's an awesome way for our congregation to "give" to the community. 

I grew up participating in these programs, and I'm so thankful my kids have the same opportunity.  The director makes it really clear to the kids that they are serving God by bringing people joy on Christmas.  Super simple. 

Singing, smiling, memorizing choreography...all what our girl Ry was born to do.  She l.o.v.e.s. every single minute. 

Rugger...really is enjoying himself.  He had been excited to go practice every week, and he's been looking forward to doing the real thing on the big stage.  But, you'd never know it.

He glares.

He looks mildly confused.

It's as if his head is stuck in a very dense fog.   


Thing is, he knows all the words, can sing on key, and has practiced all the actions.  But, put him in the middle of all that chaos and shine a bright light in his face...

I laugh the whole time I'm watching him.  He is so dang funny.  He's dead serious, too, and has no idea he's doing it.   

If I can catch his attention he'll snap out of it for a minute.  

The other night my aunt sat in the second pew and if he looked at her, he'd smile and move his body a little :)

I might be distracted, too.   During the dress rehearsal a giant disco ball crashed to the floor requiring a clean-up crew, the fire alarm went off for a good 5 minutes...

...not to mention live donkeys and a tractor driving down in between the pews!  Ryleigh got to ride one of the donkeys around the sanctuary the first night, and wear a special sombrero.  She was thrilled!

If Rugger wasn't A.D.D. before this, he surely is now.  His favorite part is playing games and hanging out with the other kids in between songs.  Altho, last night he came home and told Mitch one of his new "friends" spent 40 days in jail for having a loaded gun.  Hmmm.....interesting!  Who says you can't give the kids a "normal" social experience outside of school!?  HA!  Mitch told him he thought it was very unlikely. 

This is the kind of stuff they'll remember forever, and it's been really fun to watch.  Last night half-way through the show I snuck out and ran over to my cousin's house to SHRED.  That's all I'm going to say about that for now :)  More later!

Choosing to love,


Jenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my word, Rugger! Crack me up! His faces are priceless!!! Love it! And I can't wait to watch them on Saturday. :)

Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

My mom is obsessed with this program and goes every year...i will make sure to tell her to look out for your kids this year! PS jacks bff gavin is in one of the pics with rugger, and his sister addie is in one with ryliegh..small world! :)