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Sunday, January 16, 2011


I was sitting at the computer yesterday afternoon paying bills, prepping for taxes, typing out my daycare and school schedule for the next two weeks, ETC., when I notice a scribbled note on one of the many lists laying on the desk.  "NEED: Balance".  I had written it a few weeks ago when I was planning our math lessons and needed to find an actual balance.  But, at that moment I forgot that's where it came from and thought maybe it was a message from above.  :)  "Dear Becky, this is God.  Go play."  So, I mentally calculated and confirmed that we'd done enough cleaning/organizing/schooling/working for the day and yelled, "WE'RE GOING SLEDDING!!!". 

Here's to Balance.  A fun, fun, fun afternoon with my favorites.

The fact that it was 18* and we felt like it was warm enough for outdoor play tells you how cold it's been here.

I told my handsome husband on the way out the door that I hoped we'd run into everyone we knew, and hoped they'd all have their cameras.  That's how awesome my get-up looked!  Why do all of our children have appropriate winter gear, and I'm wearing two pairs of work-out pants?  They did the job tho, by golly.  I was super warm and dry, and as far as I know, it wasn't seen by anyone we know!

It took us exactly 38 minutes to bundle up five children and ourselves, collect our sleds, and load up into the van.  38 minutes!  Gone are the days of deciding to do something and being out the door in "five". 

It was totally worth it.

Maeson could run all the way down the hill in those boots without falling.  He'd hustle down after whoever was riding yelling "You OKAY???!!!"  Every. Single. Time. 

Of course Reise requested a ride up the hill after each trip.  Of course Rugger tried to oblige. 

It was so. much. fun.  After a while I decided to take a turn down the hill, and the rest was history.  Turns out my added weight makes that thing fly.  Hilarious!!!  What a blast.  

Gosh, I love balance.  We had a super fun afternoon and came home to groceries done, laundry going, bills paid, and the house picked up.  Praise. The. Lord.  I love it when it works out like that.

Choosing to love,


Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

so fun! i took my kids out the other day and i too wore 2 pairs of sweats, and really hoped i would run into everyone i know as well. i ended up with a big glob on snow down my pants :) so fun!