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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Random Things That Make Me Laugh

I have been working hard around here, and am rewarding my productivity with a short blog post.  My office/sewing room/pop fridge room/craigslist holding area is CLEAN.  It's a New Year's miracle.  I've been seriously gutting this house out, trash bags full at a time.  It started as a get-the-house-ready-to-sell project and has turned into a live-more-simply-and-be-happier-with-less-clutter project.  Just so happens, it's a New Year and even though I've never been a resolutions type of gal, I feel like there's one brewing.  More on that later, in the meantime I found a stash of stuff that makes me laugh.

This is a card my sister sent me during my freshman year of college.  I feel guilty about that year of our lives...our family moved right after I graduated high school and my sister had to start a new school her senior year.  (She handled it a lot better than I would have.)  She is my all-time BFF and she can get me rolling on the floor laughing like no one else.  Keep in mind she would have been 17, almost 18 when she sent this, we're 12 months apart in age.

The front:

The inside:

In case you can't read it: 

Dear Becky,

Hello from the city of Omaha and the Rowe household.  I hope this card finds you in good health and spirits these holiday days.  I have just returned from my place of learning and am now in the process of communicating via greeting cards with my favorite sister.  Today I am rejoicing for my schedule allows a day of no extra curricular work outside of school.  Another reason for my rejoicement is that I have received a special greeting card from our dear friend Reba.  She is also in good health and spirits as she has revealed to me the love of her life Diek Humbergier.  However, I have been informed that he is of a petite size and is extremely unattractive.  It is unfortunate for her in that sense of the matter.  I am losing my train of thought for I must escort our brother to his place of employment in just a few moments.  However, I will surely continue this note further when I return.  Pardon me.  I have returned and upon my return I have begun to view the popular teen soap opera Beverly Hills 90210.  However, I must go now.  Have a lovely evening.  Father has just been caught reading over my shoulder and he thinks he is rather amusing.  I will talk to you at a later time. 

Yours Truly,

I know I was rolling in 1999 when I received that little gem in the mail, and it still gets me going today.  I love you, sister!



Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

becky that is great! i love sisters so so much! i can't wait for you to read this card in 20 more years, when all your kids are grown-up-ish ;) and you girls are in a whole new place in life!! i sincerely hope that card didnt not make it into the trash bag, but the hoard this for later pile!!

christiancari said... Best Blogger Tips

The card reminds me so much of a Jane Austen novel! LOVE it!!

Gu34 said... Best Blogger Tips

Ohmigosh! Tiff you crack me up! It IS very Jane Austen! I miss those days hanging out (without kids) and being "silly." Thanks for sharing Becky! Absolutely loved it!!

Amie said... Best Blogger Tips

Best line? "However, I have been informed that he is of a petite size and is extremely unattractive." That is hilarious. I feel the same way about my sister-EVERYONE should have a sister!!

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

I love my sister, glad she doesn't mind that I shared this on the internet. At least, I assume she doesn't mind. Come to think of it, I haven't really talked to her much over the weekend...better go see what's up :) HAHA!