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Monday, February 14, 2011

Still funny 10 years later...

Another gem I found while purging last month...

"Hey-you have YOUR treat and I'll have MINE!"

Isn't this card great? I was busting a gut when I saw this. I don't really understand what it says but the picture is funny.  Well I'm probably going to see you before you get this so anything I say will be old news to you so I'll just say Have a Happy Valentines Day! Hope you get something good! :)  I love you!


I was "busting a gut" reading this again, over 10 years later!!  I love her, and I get to spend the morning with her and my nephews today...a perfect day!!  "I don't really understand what it says..."  Hahahahaha, honestly I remember not really getting it either.  We didn't have dogs growing up, but now I am fully aware that they drink out of the toilet, which is pretty gross :)

At least the rat won't do that.

Happy Valentines Day,


Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

sisters are the best! aren't you glad you didnt throw these away, great memories!!