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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Dear Blog, I miss you. 

We've been busy.  DJ Steele had a very rare weekend completely free of gigs, and we took full advantage.  We painted the girls' room, which involved sanding down 3 walls full of neon painted flowers...priming (twice) and painting (twice).

It's actually a pale pink, but looks nice and grey here thanks to my cell phone camera.  I'm really glad we did it, it's clean and fresh, and if ever someone walks in to look at the house they won't have neon flowers burned into their brain from being in this room.

I finished the wall above the new counter tops that needed patched and repainted.  We finally got the kitchen floor finished, no more bare spots between the floor and the walls/cupboards, hooray for that!  My handsome, handsome, handsome husband got a new saw, and he ran outside a million times in the bitter cold to get all the quarter round pieces cut.  Love him!

Here are some pictures of the boys after Reise dressed them up.  Poor girl, she needs a little sister.  Or, I guess she really doesn't, because these two are more than happy to be her little baby dolls!  Anyway, these were taken a few weeks ago when the floor was still halfway finished.

See the space between the floor and the cupboards?  Bugged me to DEATH.



Since the paint was out, I freshened up the rail that keeps little bodies from flying out of the living room and down the stairs!  Such a necessary thing to have, and after a few years it was disgusting!  I bet not a single person will notice, but it feels good to have it all clean again!  I spent about 2 hours Monday morning trying to remind kids not to paw all over them, but gave it up.  What was I thinking even trying to keep it clean?! :)  No one's going to notice it anyway!  

See all those little chips in the paint?  Never noticed them until I went to take pictures of these little monkeys that someone lined up so nicely!  Gone, now!

In between all of that, we still had to supervise the small children we are responsible for :)  They entertain themselves very well, but they create a LOT of mess, especially when we have decided to let them do whatever they need to do to stay out of the way!  Plus, they need to be fed on regular intervals, which we forget when we're knee-deep in house projects. 

Ryleigh has been reading Babysitters Club books and desperately wants to start a babysitting business of her own.  Heavens to Betsy, she's only 7.  She can't really babysit.  But, she can keep the little boys and Reise entertained and out of our way.  She earned $5 on Saturday, and was very excited about it.  She told me she was having a pre-Valentine's Day special, only $.50/hour.  And, Reise was free since she's 4, and she's a girl.  Plus, she felt guilty charging her own mother for babysitting!  Ha!  Sweet girl.  We added up her hours, and I tipped her a little for doing such an excellent job.  I love her.

About half-way through Sunday I was suddenly hit with a wild panic because I realized how close we were to Monday, and we hadn't done anything to prepare for the week.  "Working" from home does not allow me to just make a mess over the weekend and walk away from it Monday morning.  Everything has to be put back together before our daycare friends show up!  Which, is probably a blessing in disguise for me, because otherwise I'd probably leave paint out and the kitchen torn to shreds for days on end. After running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off doing 17 things at once and not making any progress, I finally sat down, made a list, and restored peace to my brain.  Plan meals, get groceries, make school schedule, clean bathroom, start laundry, make hot chocolate...

 Giant marshmallows left over from the fire pit this summer!  

"What? Is there something on my face?"

Speaking of working from home...there's no way I'd want it any other way.  I absolutely love it that my handsome husband can drive 5 minutes and be home for lunch.  I know my kids will have awesome memories of being able to chat with their dad in the middle of the day.  

 Rowen, getting up on his tip-toes to steal something off Mitch's plate ;) 

He can sit down for a quick game of Candy Land, or help me get the kitchen cleaned up after lunch, or put kids down for naps...it rocks.

 It's a SNOW DAY here, which means I only have my own sweet chickens to take care of, and we're having a super fun day.  Mac 'n' Cheese is on the menu, and Ryleigh and I have some experimenting to do in the kitchen during naps :)  You'll have to keep an eye on her blog for an update on that! 

Choosing to love,


Gu34 said... Best Blogger Tips

I need to get Ry some more books, don't I?! She's probably read all those at least 3 times through now! (We have that one she's reading in the pic too!)
Very jealous that Mitch gets to come home for lunch! Tell Ry that I've been checking her blog. I need an update! =)