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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Classes

**This post is actually out of order, rats! :) I wrote this before we brought home our new pets.

We are loving Friday Classes.  I knew about these classes last semester, but since I tend to want to run (screaming) in the opposite direction from anything labeled "homeschooling"...we didn't sign up.  That, and we were too overwhelmed to really know what we'd want to sign up for anyway.  Well, silly me.  We missed out.  The girls are now taking dance, from the owners of the dance studio we'd been going to last year!  How awesome is that?  They get to go during the day (saving us two trips across town, and freeing up two evenings each week!) from the same teachers, and we're saving a lot of money.  Glory!

If they decide dance is something they want to pursue further than these general classes, we can always go back to the same studio.  We really liked the owners, and the teachers.  For now, this route is working pretty great for us! 

Rugger and Reise are taking art classes, and Ry is taking Shakespeare.  We're there for two hours on Fridays, and the little boys and I play cars, trucks, trains, Simon Says, I Spy, Legos, and eat our lunch.  It rocks. 

Since Rugger is only taking one class, he does his math and phonics while we're there.  Wouldn't you know, he breezes through his lessons lickity-split and makes no errors.  I can't figure that kid out.  He's very easily distracted, and some days it takes him hours to get through his math because he just won't focus.  You'd think being in the middle of a noisy cafeteria with little kids running all over the place, he'd be a mess.   Nope.  He's super motivated to get done so he can run around longer!  

Last week one of the older girls brought her baby chicks to share with the kids.  It was so fun!

The kids are now begging for a pet.  Really?  After holding a baby chicken for two minutes, you suddenly have the urge to own an animal?  Wait, we have a pet, his name is Diddy, and he basically takes care of himself in proper cat fashion.  We are not getting a dog, but something tells me we are going to cave and add a few hamsters to the mix over here.  Ryleigh said "if we were in school, we'd probably have a class pet...", oh, for the love of all things holy.  Hook, line, and sinker.  I'm such a sucker!

Choosing to love,