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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love Day

Seems like a month ago already, where does the time go?  I love Valentine's day.  I love hearts, red, sugar, flowers, and planning a special day for the people I love the most.  

Rugger, in his PJ's the night before (Valentine's Day Eve, thank you Ryleigh), distributing his Valentines. 

My handsome husband buys me grocery store roses almost every time he does the shopping.  He usually lets one of the kids carry them in anymore, and I love that they think that's so normal.  Honestly, I wouldn't care if it was roses, or a Snickers, or a handwritten note.  But really, I sure don't hate having roses around, especially on Valentine's day.  

The kids absolutely love and look forward to new books from Daddy before breakfast.  I write their name and the year on them, and they remember which ones are theirs and love asking "how many Valentine's days ago was that?"  Good memories :)  This year instead of a book, he got Ryleigh a little planner for her purse, which was totally my idea, thankyouverymuch.  She loves it, and she doesn't know it was my idea ;)  She writes lists in there, and has a few addresses collected already.  Love it.

We had my sister and her (four) boys over for a little par-tay...and spent the morning getting ready.  

Names on paper cups, check.

Decorations, courtesy of my friend, Cindy.  Check. 

Frost cupcakes, check.

Make last minute Valentines, check.

Keep the little boys busy with the messiest, but most loved activity around here lately, check. 

Valentine opening frenzy, check.

 Valentine's Day craft, check.

My 1yr old nephew choked on a stolen conversation heart and barfed repeatedly into my cupped hands while I waited for my sister to hand her newborn off to Ryleigh so she could take over.  What a hilarious memory... now... since Chase didn't die, and Ryleigh handled her baby-holding responsibilities so well.  Who knew crafting could be so dangerous!?  For goodness' sake.  "There is absolutely no choking on holidays!!!"

We really had a fun time.  A dozen kids, 10 of them boys, made for a pretty noisy morning.  The love of my life brought me cashew chicken from my favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch...score!

The kids helped me make a fun V-day dinner of heart-shaped pizza, yogurt parfaits (because they're so fancy), and Rugger's favorite cinnamon/cherry/applesauce jello (because it's red!).  

I know we should make the loves of our lives feel like it's Valentine's day, every day of the year.  I get it when people say they don't celebrate it, and that Hallmark has ruined it...etc.  But.  I don't see any reason not to use February 14th as an excuse to create a special day to celebrate love for the people I love the mostIt sure doesn't mean I love them any less the other 364 days of the year ;)   

Who knows, maybe I'll start making my pizzas heart-shaped all the time from now on.

Choosing to love,


The Neujahr's said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your V-Day celebrations!!! What's up with the beans? do the kids could them? Measure them?

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

The kids love those beans! They use drinking cups, measuring cups, buckets, shovels, spoons...they just fill up containers and dump them out, over and over and over! They get out their dump trucks, pickup trucks, monster trucks, and fill them with beans, cover them with beans...etc. It's hours and hours of fun. It's a pain to pick them all up, but totally worth it.