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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nice Hotel

Our buddy Truman said, "how did you find out about this nice hotel?".  I love him.  We delivered our Valentine's wreaths today, to my grandpa's nursing home :)  (I guess we know where Truman will be sending his parents in 50 years or so...)
 Nice face, Rugger!

I love Truman's parents, and if we end up neighbors in the same "nice hotel" someday, that'd be just fine with me.  Altho, I kind of hope Ryleigh will take us in :)

My grandpa looked awesome today.  He chatted with the kids a little, and asked Reise to name all the kids in his Valentine picture.  Such a sweet moment I wish I would have gotten a better picture of, but I was too busy taking it in as it happened.

I absolutely love my job raising the sweetest little humans on the planet.  Love sharing life with them!!

Choosing to love,


Marylyn said... Best Blogger Tips

What a sweet thing for you girls to do...I love it when seniors get extra attention 'cause they are so often overlooked. Thanks, B & T and kids. Luv, Lao

Cindy said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm kinda hoping we can be neighbors prior to 50 years from now! But that IS a nice hotel! :)