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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sing Fling

While the little kids were doing this...

We took the three littlest kids to Rocket Fizz on Friday night.  What a cool store! 

Pretty sure they were in shock for a few minutes...then they totally got the hang of it.

All those candy choices, and of course we walked out with suckers you can buy at any gas station! Ha, super fun.

The big kids were practicing for this...

They spent a few hours learning the song, eating pizza (and Little Debbie snacks...Rugger claims he ate FOUR), playing in the gym, and then sang for two worship services on Sunday.

I took pictures during the rehearsal, and Rugger smiled the whole time.  Of course, once the big lights came on, he glared his way through the entire thing...haha, his facial expressions crack me up!

A few more years, and these three will join them up there.  Can't wait!

Thanks Kelley, for the video!

02.13.11 Children of God from Kelley Beyer on Vimeo.