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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Well, now we know.

Ryleigh did an experiment in the kitchen during nap-time a few days ago.  She blogged about it, and you can read that here.  This is how it went from my perspective...plus a bonus lesson we learned afterward!

Ryleigh came home from a slumber party where she watched Ratatuille, and told me she wanted to invent a new pie.  She wrote out the recipe all by herself, and I did absolutely nothing.  These are the tools she needed for the job:

The ingredients included: 1 banana, 1 orange, 1/2 stick butter, sugar, flour, rice crispies.  I was very impressed that she thought to puree the orange in the blender, before adding it to the Kitchen Aid.  Really!  She told me she knew if she just threw slices of orange into the mixer, they would just stay chunks, and she didn't want chunks, she wanted the orange juice to blend in.  Interesting!!

Here again, killing me with thinking to melt the butter before adding it.  She knew it wouldn't really mix up well if she put the stick in there whole.  She's a thinker!

 See her list?  It's all there.  Every single step.


She started by pouring the crisped rice directly out of the giant bag we had on hand, but thought using a smaller bowl might work better.  I agreed.  That big bag was very clumsy, and she couldn't get a very good spread going.  Oh. My.  Goodness.  I love her.

The only suggestion I made throughout the entire process was to set the oven at 350*.  I told her it was a pretty standard temp for baking, and she really had no idea.  1 degree?  700?  So, that was my contribution!  She watched it bake, and we pulled it out probably seven times before she decided it was crispy enough.  This whole time she's saying things like "well, it smells pretty good I suppose" and "what do you think? Will we be able to sell these?" and then..."Ok, if we end up selling these for $5, I will take $2 and you can take $3" and on and on...

Eager to take the first bite...then the let-down...oh, this was not a good face.  She literally said, "WOW, too bad it doesn't taste good!"   Ha!!!  I love her so much. 

Had to wash it down!  Sweet, sweet girl.  She was kind of bummed, but not overly.  "We'll try again," she said, "and maybe the next one will be it."  I love that attitude!   

So, that concoction sat on the stove for several hours.  I tasted it, and so did Mitch.  It wasn't making me GAG, but it was very weird.  The butter/citrus mix isn't something I'd do again, personally.  Anyway, later that night as we were making banana bread (gotta end this day on a good note, ya know!?), Reise asks if she can taste it.  I said I didn't care, and Ryleigh warned her that it didn't taste good.  Undaunted, Reise takes a giant spoonful, but barely gets it in her mouth before she starts to look really uncomfortable.  She can't even talk because the bite is soooo big, and says "I can't swallow it".  I'm laughing almost hard enough that I can't speak-but tell her to get a napkin to spit it out.  

Half-way to get the napkin, she gags.  Just a little.  More like a belch.  Enough to make my eyebrows go up, but I wasn't rushing for the toilet.  She manages to spit it out, and then stands there for a moment as Ryleigh and I stare at her, kind of wondering if she was OK-and then she completely LOST it, all over the floor.  Literally, just projectile vomited, all over.  I wish I had a video camera rolling 24/7 at times like this because it was like a 3-ring circus and so hard to accurately describe.  Simultaneously, I'm laughing and shrieking really loudly, Reise is yelling "I can't get it out, it's still in there!!!!" and Ryleigh is shouting "Oh, no, sorry Reise, that's my fault!  My fault!! Sorry, Reise! Oh, no!!" 

Poor Reise!!  Then, in the same instant I'm thinking...Poor Ryleigh!  I'm laughing, holding the trash can, and almost afraid to look at Ryleigh because I'm just sure this is going to crush her little spirit forever. 

Thankfully, Ryleigh was un-phased.  She said in a matter-of-fact voice "Reise, I told you it was nasty...and actually, I didn't know you could throw up just from tasting something bad!"  Ha, me neither. 

Well, now we know.

Love those girls so much I can barely stand it,


Marylyn said... Best Blogger Tips

This so reminds of when I was learning to cook and I put 1 CUP of salt in a recipe instead of 1 teaspoon. IT DIDN'T TASTE GOOD EITHER! But I remembered to never do that again. Luv, Lao

Tori said... Best Blogger Tips

That is so sweet! Too bad her recipe didn't turn out :( better luck next time!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

You just made my mandatory Saturday of working all BETTER. I was laughing so hard i made some tears.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

The above comment was me.


Amie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, this is HILARIOUS!