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Monday, March 7, 2011


Originally, when we decided to get the rat, I thought she'd be Rugger's pet.  He was really excited about it, and lobbied for her pretty hard in the aisles of Pet Smart!  He agreed to help clean her cage, and has been faithfully refreshing her water bottle and keeping her food bowl full. 

Interestingly though, it's Reise who has actually bonded with the rat most easily (besides Mitch, which is really hilarious since he claimed he'd never handle it!).  She LOVES Biggie!   They get her out every day and Reise just carries her around the house as if it's one of her baby dolls.  I have to admit, it's pretty cute. 
Who'd a thunk it?  That's Reise for you, she'll never do it by the book!

For the first few weeks she was really nervous and just hid in her little rat hut all the time.  The last week or so, she's been out and about in her cage a little more during the day.  When Mitch is home he'll reach his hand in there and she'll just hop right in.  The gal at the store said it'd take about 24 hours for her to calm down...well, it's been more like 2 weeks for us. 
She's still pretty nervous, and scrambles around like a nut case if Rugger holds her for very long.  I think part of the problem is that Rugger is nervous, and she can tell.  She will literally jump back into Reise's lap and then just sit calmly once again.  So weird!

The kids are really itching to get her into some training, to teach her tricks :)  Pretty sure it'll be a while before she's ready for any of that!  The cat knocked over the hamster's cage a few weeks ago, and the lid popped off and Sweetie was caught before anyone knew what had happened.  Thankfully my handsome husband has an advanced degree in rodent rescue I was unaware of, and he prevented the unthinkable from happening.  I'm guessing Biggie saw all of that go down, and she's not going to sit still outside the cage for any training, any time soon.  I don't blame her!